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Get In Shape For Summer!!

All fitness levels welcome!

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Do you want to get FIT and have FUN at the same time?

Maybe you like the idea of punching and kicking targets but you’re not interested in

formal uniforms, gradings or obtaining a Blackbelt?

We have decided to step outside the box and invite MartialFit Instructor Kelly on board to offer just that. She is champing at the bit to get you fighting fit and having fun whilst doing so!

You will learn some basic strike techniques, from punching to kicking. This will then be combined into a fast paced and high energy HIIT style work out that will leave you feeling pumped!

From the very beginner to the more advanced, Kelly can cater to your individual needs.

It’s a great way to let off steam, get your heart pumping and get those wonderful endorphins flowing!

Burn off your frustrations and increase your energy levels!


Contact Kelly on 0422 332 403
or email


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  1. Rebecca says:

    This is gonna be so much fun :D

  2. Unbelievables says:

    Best wishes for a powerful start to MartialFit, sounds very exciting!
    MetaMartialFit even – WOW! Good luck Kelly

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