Term 1, 2018 Starts – Monday 5th February 2018


Starts Monday 5th February 2018  – Current & New Members Welcome

(Terms Mostly follow WA Government School Terms)

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The Taekwondo Central Spinner Contest – Win $100 – Term 1 Competition

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Why taking up Taekwondo in my 40s was the best thing ever!  

By Kristy Hitchens – Brown Mouse Communications Why … [Read More...]


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Term 1 2018 Starts 
Its Time To Get Back To Our Goal Of Excellence
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MARCH 2018

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April 2018

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Closed Over WA School Holiday Period. Friday 15th December 2017 – Sunday 4th February 2018.


All Taekwondo Central, Super Dragons, Little Dragons & Little Dragonflies will be closed from
Friday 15th December 2017 – Sunday 4th February 2018

Except Summer Holiday Program – Click Here

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Classes Resume 5th February 2018

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Find Out The 4 Most Dangerous Mistakes Parents Make
When Choosing A Self Defence School For Their Child
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Grad-Shield. Self Defence Lesson For School Leavers

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“Its not what you do for your children,
Its what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”

Children leaving home can be one of the most exciting and terrifying things to happen as a parent, but it can’t be avoided!
But the whole process of nurturing, caring and teaching them was for this moment, to give them the tools and confidence to go out and make their own life.

Grad-Shield Leaver

Let us help ease some of your worries and set them on a path to success with some valuable skills that could help keep them safe!

EMPOWER them with knowledge. What to look for, what to avoid.
PROTECT them from danger by giving them the skills to escape.
STRENGTHEN them to confidently and efficiently defend themselves.

All sessions are booked privately and are run on a 2 person basis. Bring a friend or take a class together. Each session runs for 1 hour.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact Kelly 0422 332 403

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Our Diamond Service – Our Finest Martial Arts Service For You

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“Di = 2″

Our Diamond Service is for just 2 students at a time so it offers a great opportunity
to get some closer attention to detail off one of our black belt instructors.

Anyone who has experienced the Paragon Program or our Summer Holiday Program will understand the benefits of semi-private lessons,
with closer attention and more time with the instructor means a higher level and higher performance for you.

Use our Diamond Service to attain that higher level or help you learn that more difficult pattern or technique for your grading.

Use Our Diamond Service For

Greater refinement in training
Closer attention from instructor
To catch up due to illness
To express your gradings
To Improve your experience
As a birthday gift
To refine a technique or pattern
To help overcome confidence issues
As a regular once a term tune up from an instructor

New Black Belt Promotions. John, Justin, Ajana Vanya

Available Instructors Are…

Mr John Crawford – 3rd Dan Black belt
Miss Ajana Plunkett – 4th Dan Black belt
Master Justin Warren – 6th Dan Black belt

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Please grab a Diamond Service flyer at class for prices and booking details

If Dragons / Super Dragons booking is 5 Lessons of our Diamond Service, You will also be granted a chance to grade a belt level.
If Taekwondo booking is 9 lessons of our Diamond Service, You will be granted a belt grading opportunity.

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