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The Paragon Program 2018 / Term 1


 Bunbury Starts Friday 9th January 20186th April 2018 (8 Lessons)
Australind Starts Sunday 11th January 20188th April 2018 (8 Lessons)

Bunbury Paragon Program Grading6th April 2018
Australind Paragon Program Grading8th April 2018

A Guaranteed More Exclusive Martial Arts Training Experience
The Paragon Program is for the students or parents who want a more personalised,
exclusive training experience of a great instructor student ratio under a Head Instructor Black Belt (Min 10 Years Experience)
Guaranteed limited class numbers further ensure a higher level in martial arts skills.
The Paragon Program is only for current Taekwondo Central Members for at least 2 Terms (6 Months)

The Paragon Program is a semi-private lesson helping students sharpen their self defence skills, accelerate
physical capability and speed up learning of our clubs skills. Its designed for a higher result

If You Are A Person That …
- Demands A Higher Level From Yourself
- Enjoys Stepping Up To A Greater Level Of Skill
- Aspire To Be Better Than The Average Martial Artist
Then The Paragon Program Is For You

The Paragon Program

Only 6 Members Per Class Allowed
- Bookings Essential


 Paragon Class 1 (Dragons) – Bunbury
= 1.5 Experience Points
South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
3.45pm – 4.20pm.
Little/Super Dragons (5 – 8 years)

Cheyanne Nardone
Evelyn Liaros
Alek Liaros
Ryan Ardizone
Joey Platts
Daniel Platts


Paragon Class 2 (Taekwondo) - Bunbury
= 1.5 Experience Points
South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
4.30pm – 5.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)

Madison Riches
Deegan McDonald
Mitchell Barnett
Narelle Pollard
Saphyre Goodall
Emily Robertson


 Paragon Class 3 (Taekwondo) - Bunbury
= 1.5 Experience Points
South West Sports Centre – Bunbury 
5.30pm – 6.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)

Jy Gamble
Ariana Lloyd
Brayden Nardone
Kian Stapleton
Mia Robertson


Paragon Class 4 (Taekwondo) - Bunbury
= 1.5 Experience Points
South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
6.30pm – 7.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)

Lachlan Tuene
Tahlia Gowland
Vanya Possingham
Christopher Charry
Shonna Charry


Paragon Class 5 (Dragons) – Australind
= 1.5 Experience Points
Australind High School Gym - Australind
4.20pm – 5.00pm.
Little/Super Dragons (5 – 8 years)

Coya Brown
Tyler Reely
Eric Buhlman


Paragon Class 6 (Taekwondo) - Australind
= 1.5 Experience Points
Australind High School Gym - Australind
5.00pm – 6.00pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)

Lucas Hitchens
Rebecca Collis
Paul Jauncey
Mel Buhlman
Gary Velicich
Rebecca Buhlman




 - Bookings & Payments Are On A Term Basis (Approx. 8-11 weeks)
- All Instruction By a Black Belt with Min 10 years experience
- Closer Attention To Detail
- Train Alongside Other Focused Students


Ph. 0407470964 (Sms preferred)
Or Use Comment Box Below


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    May I please return to my place at the paragon class 6 (australind 5pm-6pm). Thank you. Looking forward to returning. Kind regards, –Rebecca Collis

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