Centrals Online Reference Experience Is Here (C.O.R.E)



Centrals Online Reference Experience

We now have the most amazing experience for our members
Our Own Online Reference to speed your learning of self defence
Click On The Movie Below To Get A Free Look At Our Reference

If your a member of Taekwondo Central
You want to be even greater at your martial arts
and attain an even higher skill level
Then our Online Reference is a must

We have every move for every Taekwondo Belt online
Thats Over 170 Movie Clips and
All taught by Head Instructor Master Justin Warren
Every move in movie form that you’ll need to pass your belt

This Is great for catching up on your skills during a break or in your own time
Helping get through the trickier moves with ease with each move explained
Covers All Aspects Of Your Grading including both Traditional & Freestyle aspects
The Freedom to learn on your Smartphone, IPhone, Tablet, Laptop, Home Computer
Great to use just before your examination to help pass your belt

F.I.F.O. workers can now take advantage of this new technology that allows you to
train anywhere you can get internet connection. No More Interupted Training.


– You must be a Taekwondo Central Member To Be Accepted In C.O.R.E.
– Go To Our Login Area and Create An Account, its real easy
– Make Your Term Payment
via Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash & Form
– Taekwondo Central Staff will take up to 48hrs to authorize your application
– Then you have the freedom to learn and practise when you want



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