Customised Anti Scan Blocker RFID Cards – Design Your Own For Marketing or Fundraising

Design Your Own Anti-Scan RFID Cards



I can offer a Business Marketing Idea or A Great Fundraiser (50% to 400+% Profits & Business Marketing)

Fundraising with Great Logo Placement

Its The Business Card That They’ll Never Throw Out As It Is A Precious Protector Of Money. 
Your Business / Sports Club or Interest will always accompany with a product the consumer carries everyday.
Their Credit / Debit Card.
Great Resale – Meaning Great Profits

With The Price We Can Give You, It Means “Great Profit” per item sold. 

Buy 100 Customised Anti-Scan Cards for cards of us for $1.99 each ($199) and you resell for $9.99 ($999) =$800 Profit 

Buy 200 Customised Anti-Scan Cards for cards of us for $1.89 each ($378) and you resell for $9.99 ($1998) =$1620 Profit

Buy 500 Customised Anti-Scan Cards for cards of us for $1.69 each ($845) and you resell for $9.99 ($4995) =$4150 Profit

Buy 1000 Customised Anti-Scan Cards for cards of us for $1.59 each ($1590) and you resell for $9.99 ($9990) =$8400 Profit

Buy 2000 Customised Anti-Scan Cards for cards of us for $1.39 each ($2780) and you resell for $9.99 ($19980) =$17200 Profit

Buy 10000 Customised Anti-Scan Cards for cards of us for $0.99 each ($9900) and you resell for $9.99 ($99900) =$98901 Profit

But These Cards can sell for up to $49 each, So You set your price. $4.99 to $9.99 is our recommendation, (Meaning A $3400 to $8000+ profit per 1000 cards)

Plus A permenant reminder of your business / club / product theyll carry everywhere, All the time!! After all just think of how important your debit/credit card is?


Who We Recommend Profit From This
A Business who wants extra profit opportunities while marketing the business
A Business who wants to give the “Little Extra Service” that can translate to major future profits by giving it as a gift, Perhaps if they spend over a certain amount
The Mobile Business like a plumber, electrician or cleaning service, etc
The Restaurant who wants to give a useful reminder of their stay
The Bag Store that wants to add a delightfull “add on” sale that will keep them reminding where they received it their bag
The Hotel that wants to give a little complimentary thankyou that willl remind them of their lovely stay.
The Sports Club who wants to use it as a fundraiser or awareness campaign.
A complimentary ‘Add On” after they pay membership for a sports club
The Sales Person who wants to market a product or service
A Reminder of a significant event wedding, Gala Event, Concert
Accounting Firms, Consultants, Personal Services like hairdressers & heauticians
Upon Payment – What We Need
A Description Of what you would like printed on the back information side of the card, include webpage, facebook, email, phone numbers, motto etc
A Picture of the logo, image you want done. The artist will then get to work and design your cards and send back a proof for you to authorise
How Long Until I Receive Them?

We allow 3 weeks for the full process, then your ready to start profiting or marketing

Dont Wait. Make Sure Its Your Scan Blocking Card or It Will Be Someone Elses

Its getting so this RFID scan blocking will be a must. Itll be like an anti-virus program on your computer. So it may as well be your business or Sports Logo
Why doesnt your Business be the one to benefit from this technology rush both marketwise & financially.

Our RFID Blocking Card is a very thin powerful card, it prevent any one who attempt to wiretap card information without your permit. It is so easily to use it only put this thin card beside your cards, one RFID Blocking Card can be applied for at least two contact-less cards beside.It is a plastic card looks no any different from a credit card but only half of standard credit card size.

New issued bank card and all cash-less payment cards are upgrade to IC card or we call contact-less card instead of magnetic stripe cards which had no any security protection.. There is a big risk in this period transition for EMV immigration, for any cleartext on your banking card is so easily even without the owner aware of it by RFID facility just tap close to the card without touch, these clear-text information contain name of this card owner, expire date and card number, it will be terrible when a magnetic stripe card encoding by this information to pretend a replica bank card, it can be use for any POS terminal for payment.

Protecting RFID part by stack RFID Blocking Card attached Any RFID or Dual interface Card From any from any Skimming or snooper, prohibit Chip of Contactless Card be Read out. Especially for protect EMV Bank card, Credit Card, Debet Card, Cashless Payment Card or Tag from any Information disclosure by NFC mobile phone, or any RFID/NFC reader facilities

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