How I Doubled My Money In 3 Days With Coinspot Cryptocurrency Trading.

I’ve been reading all the latest hype about cryptocurrency & bitcoins and its hard to not get blown away by it all. The gains have been astounding.
I mean life changing with as little as $100 or even $10. So I thought I would get involved and play around with this new world money system

Now before I say about what has happened with the sum I have invested, I am no stranger to online currencies

I lost thousands in the Osgold scandal and lost 9 bitcoins in the Mt Gox stolen bitcoins. So third time lucky, or simply crazy?

The fact is I do believe in cryptocurrency, I think it has its place but it still has a while to go until it is accepted more.
I heard that only 1-10 people only, know what bitcoin is nevermind invest or use it.

I had 9 Bitcoins when they were some $400 each which is worth $3600
Those 9 bitcoins today when I’m writing this would be just under $10000 each (AUD) $90000 from doing nothing, just having it in a safer place
In 3 Years.

Recently I noticed the rise in bitcoin after I had swore off it for a while and as shown above. the difference was staggering,
Now all these new cryptocurrencies or Altcoins have appeared and while most turned up there nose, they have made a fortune for some.


One of the top contending crypto currencies is Ripple (XRP)

Ripple Chart

This graph shows an increase from $0.02 to $0.29 in 6 weeks
That’s 14.5 x your money
$100 = $1450
$1000 = $14500

Another is Etherium


Etherium around $1 to $43 in 18 months
43 x your money (Its worth $400 AUD today) 400 x your money

$100 = $4300
$1000 = $43000


$100 = $40000
$1000 = $400000

That’s life changing returns and there are many more that have this steep curve

So I took out a Coinspot Cryptocurrency Trading Account and had a go
Coinspot has currently 57 Cryptocurrencies you can invest in
That’s 57 Wallets in one account. It was an easy choice


In he last 3 days I switched some money ($550) into a Power Ledger Cryptocurrency Account in Coinspot and Doubled my money to now hold just over $1100. In 3 days
Since I started into Crypto maybe 2 months back I have gained a 30% increase with Bitcoins alone making its fair share of the biggest gains.

I started with 4% of my income I wish to invest in cryptocurrencies. through the increase in value of these currencies it is now over 5% of my free investment income. In 2 months. So My conclusion was for a small amount that if I lost wouldn’t end my world, invested in some cryptocurrencies at the correct time when the industry is still growing may double or better my money. Even 10 times.

Yes. Of Course!! Just don’t risk. As with above $100 can turn into $40000. Invest $1000, 10 ways ($100 per coin) even. Only 1 has to take off, it wont matter what the other 9 do.
If 2 take off WOW!! Or 3!!!!

When I first got into bitcoins there were guys putting up the case for a bitcoin being $5000 – $10000 one day. They were being ridiculed.
They are now Millionaire Bitcoin Investors. Some are saying it will go to $100000. Who knows.
I’m going to take the gamble, What about you?

Sign Up with a Coinspot account to access over 50 cryptocurrencies, Its like a crypto-exchange. Verification is simple ID
put just $100 in and invest

If your chosen cryptocurrency tanks out, well ok. $100 lost. Its ok, You’ll Survive
If it goes like Etherium, you now own $40000.
For a $100 investment?

Sign Up Here

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