Investing In Australian Art – Pro Harts Orange Ants Nest – Investment Alternatives

Investing In Australian Art – Pro Harts Orange Ants Nest – Investment Alternatives


Pro Harts – Orange Ants is valued at $8275 (2013). This Orange Ants is a more favoured variety of Pro Harts Ant Style paintings. with many just having the now Famous “Broken Hill Ants” marching across the canvas, this version has them entering and leaving the nest creating depth in the centre and business around the opening and a seperating orange background that creates a frame of its own. The bright orange dust draws you in and the eye is drawn to the centre of the picture where the activity is, Its bright, simple and a great example of a piece you could hold as a future original australian art investment.

Investing in Australian Artist such has Pro Hart can be a very rewarding choice. Pro Hart has a variety of paintings that can be bought from australian scenery to artistic Ant & Dragonflies, Mining paintings and various other masterpieces come out of one of Australias most recognisable artist. Pro Hart painted some complex paintings and then some other very simple art. The simple art has got a major jump with a version his Dragonfly And Ants Paintings making it to an add that was frequently played on our local tv station (back in the time when we only had a choice of 2 stations.

Everyone who grew up in that era remembers the cry from Pro Harts Cleaner ‘Oh Mr Pro Hart!!!!!” The cleaner then undertakes a massive cleaning job, Thanks to Stainmaster brand, the carpet ending in it being spotless. It was a clever add, it stuck in your brain, but it give Pro Hart an uncomparable advantage as an artist whos simpler style become well known from the add. this was at a time of radio vs TV for entertainment (Internet wasnt known to most). It was great advertising and even better publicity for Pro Hart.
To see the 2006 Stainmaster Add Featuring Pro Hart – Click Here

Pro Hart Stainmaster Ad 2006
No Australian Artist got that much good publicity or national coverage. He become a household name and I would even bet that if you asked someone of that time the question “Whats The Name Of An Australian Artist” Pro Hart would be a name mentioned on most occasions other front runners would have been Rolf Harris who currently is having his art destroyed or thrown out due to recent indescent dealings with children conviction in the UK..
On the otherhand Sid Nolan from his Ned Kelly painting made the front cover of the Australian Folk Album The Bold Bushranger by Lionel Long  amoung many other achievements

Lionel Long Bold Bushranger

and helped boost the painting series popularity.
Finally Ken Done is what many housewifes would have said due to his range of bedspreads towels and linen that had been released and went through a craze in Australia during the 90’s. Ken Dones bright colours and less attention to detail but more attention to shapes, colour and distortion as pictured below, appealed to many and rose his profile as an artist. Pro Harts advertisement appearance did the same for Dragonflies and Ants series in which a number where released, and TV was the king back then. I remember even joking with others trying to copy the catch frays in an accent with all my intended audience laughing and then spagetti power slide across the carpet. It stuck


Another sad factor is that an artist doesnt really make great value from their paintings  until they pass away. Death adds fame & mystery into the mental landscape of a painter, a greater interest creates higher prices due to more competition from potential buyers. Its a shame many of these amazing masters at their craft never saw the amazing prices original paintings from the greats will reach. Pro Hart is one such painter, he passed away in 2006.

Pro Harts combination of australian icon pictures, a huge range in his portfolio of both paintings and style. A popular TV appearance that boosted his publicity in comedic memorable way, even ending with a well repeated catch frase, and the unfortunate fact that we have lost this australian master adds up to his paintings raising in value and investors having a chance to own one of Australias favourite painters while his painting prices are still reachable to the average investor




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Investing In Australian Art – Pro Harts Orange Ants Nest – Investment Alternatives

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