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The Power Of Reversal Eating – Eating Your Food In A Different Order Is The Key To Weight Control – A 22 Year Experiment

I look at the dieting industry today and its scary. If your a person hoping to lose weight gets confusing, Eat less Carb, Eat More Carbs, Eat Only Protien, Eat By Your Blood Type, Juice Fasting, Vegetarian, Protien Drinks, Exotic Plants & Herbs “Phew”, Its really confusing. The system of eating ive taken onboard doesnt go into detail of what foods you can eat, this isnt about that, however most of use are aware some foods arent good for you and too much food or not enough foods have their problems, some fatal.. This system is about timing your eating for maximum energy burning of the foods you eat, maximal repair and better energy by eating at the correct times.

Ive been lucky to maintain my weight and keep it the same as when I was a teenager, Exercise certainly played its part, and not over eating also helps but Reversal Eating is a principle I’ve followed for 22 years and its something I urge you to try. With this system, you could take the foods you eat now, eat them at the right times of the day and youll put on less weight and maybe even lose some, but if you do feel your getting abit heavy there are probably some foods you could remove and a few extra km or miles to add when you walk. Meanwhile Reversal Eating is a great place to start

I remember when I was 20 years old, I read a book that talked about Pat Cash (Australian tennis player who won Wimbledon) using a system of eating called Reversal Eating for greater energy, it turned out to be so much more  It wasnt about what you eat but rather the timing of what you eat. The system is summed up by the following phrase

“Eat Breakfast Like A King – Eat Lunch Like A Prince – Eat Dinner Like A Pauper”

The importance of timing really made sense to me. At the time as I was reading “The Book Of 5 Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi, a 16th century samurai master swordsman from Japan. One of my memories of this book was his saying that “Timing Is Everything” and anyone who has competed at an Elite Level sport will know exactly what I mean. Timing my eating was certainly something that captured my interest and it payed off

Reversal Eating is about eating a higher percentage of your food earlier in the day, and then eat a smaller percentage later on. Now this method has some strong arguements that support it, not just the fact that its worked 22 years for me. Let me explain to you the reasons I become a believer. Alot of it is just a reminder of some principles that flow with the bodies design. It can be the key to greater health.

Justin Warren (42) with his Grandmother Leonora (Lenny) Warren (89) WW2 Anzac Veteran (2014)Justin Warren with his grandmother who will celebrate her 90th Birthday this year. Leonora (Lenny) Warren is an ANZAC who was in WW2. Both Her Father & Father In law fought in WW1 at Gallipoli, Her husband in WW2 Borneo & her Brother also Fought The Japanese In WW2. She has been a major motivation about the importance of good nutrition, exercise and health – She is an amazing women and is dearly loved by the whole family.

1 – Remember Food Is For Energy To Survive. It really is the key principle to food when you scrape away the layers of artistic layering and taste sensations. Admit it, how often do you get the urge to cook an artistic colourfull masterpiece for yourself or family? Most people dont give the MKR or Masterchef critisizm, they are hungry and want to eat. We eat to satisfy the energy demands of the body so it can maintain its daily workload. Cooking shows are great, cooking competitions are exciting and Im a fan, their stars and contestants cooking ability amazes me, however remember the primary purpose of food is energy

2 – Most Weight Gains Happen When You Are Sleeping And Your Body Is Stagnant. All the highest energy activities tend to happen during the day (Unless your a night or shift worker). It makes sense that you should start fueling up from the moment you wake, not at the end of the night before your most inactive time, sleep. It just doesnt make sense to me. many households eat three large meals per day, add snacks, afternoon tea, sugared coffee or tea. thats alot of calories to burn unless your a marathon runner. You really just dont need that much food. If you eat more before high energy times and less before low energy times it helps keep a perfect balance

3 – Dont Eat a Huge DinnerAt night before sleep, eat a light meal. From Morning to lunch eat 65% – 70% of your daily intake. If you must have fattier foods, eat them earlier in the day. It will give your body more time to convert and use it as energy and not store on your body. Breakfast have some great healthy choices that you can fill up on, I only have a fried breakfast on occasions. I cant help it. Better I have a fried breakfast than a fried dinner, At least less will store as youll get that chance to use it up, your heart rate drops so low when you sleep, your certainly not using your fried fuel. If you find this difficult, have the meal earlier or at least drop the amount of calories in it.

4 – While Sleeping, You Want To Be Repairing, Not Digesting. Night & Sleep is your bodies way of recharging and repairing, and they can balance each other out. Your body needs to work to digest, it will have to commit some of its time and energy into processing food to something it can use, eating excess food before sleep will require the body to work harder and not put energy into repairing the body, remember after a big meal, waking up and not feeling fully rested? Your body was digesting when it should be using already digested nutrients to repair. Eating Less or earlier will help this process, quicker or earlier food transformation to energy, a more piecefull sleep youll have and your body will repair.

5 – Food Digestion Times Play A Part. Meat takes the longest to digest, around 8 hours to have its nutrients converted for use, add meat with potatoes and the digestion time is longer. Why? Meat is acidic, Potatoes are alkaline. meaning to digest they need different digestive acids, one food needs alkaline, the other food needs acid which actually cancel each other out making digestion more difficult and longer to convert for use in the body. I use a repair protien powder drink as a milkshake for nutrients and protien. this stops hunger and as it will absorb into your body quicker, you can have it abit later. A meat and Potato meal is better at lunch, Ive switched my now and then bacon and eggs to a breakfast meal now from a Lunch or Dinner to allow for digestion

6 – You Dont Need Too Much Food. Be Careful Of What Advertising Feeds You. The food companies and add campaigns may try to convince you of something different, profit is a strong drive, and the evergrowing obesity rate is the result of their success. I cant help think why when I was a teen we were swamped with Cocacola adds everywhere, Coke was like the McDonalds of today in advertising. Coke advertised on TV, Cinema, Store Signs, Magazines, Yo-Yos, After All “Coke Adds Life”. My generation that were subjected to this continuous barrage of advertising are some of the most obese in history, and the habit looks like its passing onto their children with the obesity rate in most countries on the rise still.

Using Reversal Eating Ive been able to enjoy many of the foods I love and maintain a stable life weight, though I have made a variation on the original model of the system to suit my lifestyle.
My stomach can only handle coffee upon arising, then usually abit later Ill have breakfast and the fueling begins. Lunch is my big meal of the day as the high energy demand part of my job is from 3pm to 9pm
Snack style meals, Hot Sustagen or Milo are all I have at night and a repair protien milkshake usually adds any left out nutrients needed and offers a good time to take some of my Fish Oil, Magnesium, Glucosamine pills for my joints, & ligaments a couple of hours before sleep.

At 42, I weigh around what I did when I was 18 (Only 3kg heavier). I had by blood pressure done when 18 and it was 110/70, last week I had it done and it was 110/70 (hasnt changed) I have a slight higher muscle mass as Im not trying to stay in a weight division when competing at 18, but body fat would be about the same. I can still do all I could when 18 (Even Breakdance – Ha Ha) I have friends who do as much martial arts as me and still carry extra weight, I also have family members who have put on weight so I know its not my martial arts training or genetics (Though they would play a small part) It was food, diet, eating and nutrition. Pat Cash taught me a lifetime habit and Ive never had the pleasure of meeting him to say thanks.

Reversal Eating isnt a one stop solution. What you eat and how much you eat, your activity levels and exercise will also play a part. Balance is the key. But before you buy $400 of Herbalife or Rapidloss. Give Reversal Eating a go. I did 22 years ago and I still do. Nothing else has compared and its cost me nothing more than what I was paying before. Remember

“Eat Breakfast Like A King – Eat Lunch Like A Prince – Eat Dinner Like A Pauper & Feel Like A Winner”

By Justin Warren

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