Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card – – Revolutionary or Ripoff?

Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card. Revolutionary Or Ripoff?
I’m a believer in bitcoins, I think it has great use for normal people like us especially in the seemingly fragile state of the worlds economys
But bitcoins still produces some problems of their own. To date Ive been ripped off a few times now

Someone hacked my Mt Gox bitcoin account and removed over $1000
Ive been caught by the Paypal charge back scam selling my bitcoins have ripped me off, claiming they give me the wrong bitcoin wallet address
after I had transferred the BTC. however my mining efforts have made it back and some more.

My bitcoin spreadsheet now states positive, so I’m on the journey to find a Bitcoin Debit Card
to access my successful investment

Bitplastic is my next trial. After the Raxcard Ripoff, I’m hoping bitplastic can be
“The Bitcoin Knight in shining armor” I’m looking for, I must say  at first I was skeptical.

Youll find a small diary below on the costs and fees plus my experience


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I joined and transfered some Bitcoins in, (just enough to purchase a debit card and load it with some cash)
Bitplastic state on their webpage, the wait is 2-3 weeks

8th December 2013Deposited Bitcoins
8th December 2013Purchased Bitcoin Debit Card
20th December 2013I sent an email query about the progress of my card – 12 days since order
21st December 2013 –  My Reply was that they were just waiting for more cards – had just been posted
22nd December 2013Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card Price Rise
24th December 2013Discounted Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card Offer To Me
26th December 2013Email Address In My Profile Section has been changed to (and I didn’t do it)
26th December 2013Successfully Withdrew BTC from my account, fee = 0.003 BTC (Approx $3)
3rd January 2014Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card has arrived (Yea-Ha – Im very excited) – 26 Days from order / 13 Days postage (Canada To Australia)
3rd January 2014I noticed that the Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card is now priced back at 0.2 BTC
4th January 2014Deposited 0.1 BTC (Approx $100) Into Bitplastic and requested it to be put into my new card
4th January 2014Got a fast reply. The process is all done inside your Bitplastic members area (fee is 0.005 BTC to load 1 BTC) Ended up sending 0.095 BTC
5th January 2014I received conformation that the money has been deposited to my Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card (Takes 24-48hrs to complete)
7th January 2014The Money has deposited the bank account attached to The Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card
7th January 2014The Total Fee for The Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card

0.2 BTC For Debit card (around $200), Total Fees is around $20 for dealing with $100,
but as it is 0.005 BTC to load the card, which is a set amount unlike Mt Gox who charge 22%.
for example lets base off  say $1000, or approx 1 BTC to keep it simple and Ill use the costs associated with my transaction

Mt Gox = $220 ( at 22% of $1000) for bank deposit (4 week plus wait)
Bitplastic = $20 (At 0.020 of $1000) for Visa use or Cash withdrawal (3 days wait)

$200 Dollars the difference (or approx 0.2 BTC – The cost of the debit card)
this is based off todays pricing

So compared to Mt Gox, it would only need you to cash in $1000 or 1 BTC
and the card pays for itself, Similar to Virwox and their process.
Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card is the better option though the card is costly.

Go To Bitplastic Click Here

So lowering your fees is about doing larger transactions when loading your Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card
is around $20 – $25 total fee (Not including ATM fees) as far as I can work out.
remember it has a $200 cash withdrawal limit and $1000 Visa limit

8th January 2014I am very happy to say I just purchased $10 of items from a corner store using Visa on my Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card, “IT WORKS!!”

I used the Visa option, put in the pin number that Bitplastic sent me and it worked perfect


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  1. This site is a scam being run by dr.moriarty. i sent from my coinbase acount to my bitplastic account which has the username ubeing the amount of 0.9562 btc and tried to withdraw through bitplastic to coinbase for testing purpose since a week now my amount has disappeared. And what i got as reply that he ran my coin through mixer because he thinks im laundering bitcoin .he also told me about its related to the thief dr.moriarty. now i still did not receive my amount and he says he sent it.i even checked the records shows that he did not send . And he is not replying anymore. They are stealing peoples money. Scammers give me back my money

    • I am the owner of BitPlastic and I can assure you the site is not a scam. In addition to BitPlastic, we own 50+ bitcoin websites and we’re backed by venture capital funding from major Bitcoin investors. Our network includes,,,,, and more. We have no desire or inclination to scam anyone. The issue with this customer involved a hacker stealing 1 btc from his account and we have since resolved the problem

      • I have an Mbank card that can’t be used, the cash machine always tells me its declined. The card was sold to me through Bitplastic, in this state. Mbank need to see proof I am the owner of the pre paid card before they can unblock it. I wasn’t told the card would be blocked before I even had the chance to receive it in the post from Bitplastic.

  2. Dr Moriarty is a serial conman who prays on the less informed by feeding them a load of BS.

    here is the proof backing up Antoun’s claim above:

    Client Deposits 1 BTC in to Bitplastic via his wallet


    Client then decides to withdraw his BTC and receives

    this email-
    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: BitPlastic Withdrawal
    Date: 08.01.2014 20:27
    From: BitPlastic Support
    To: removed to protect client

    Hello ubeing,

    We are currently processing your BitPlastic

    withdrawal for BTC -0.94186

    For large withdrawals, we may send you an email

    requesting confirmation.
    This is a security measure to keep you safe against


    You will receive an email when we have successfully

    processed your

    Thank you

    BitPlastic Support

    Bitplastic claim that the payment was made from this

    account owned by them after
    sending this email.

    Dear ubeing

    Your withdrawal for BTC -0.94186 has been approved.

    If you are withdrawing to a Bitcoin wallet, then your

    Bitcoins have been sent.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<What? so where are they????

    If you are withdrawing to your BitPlastic debit card,

    please allow 24-48
    hours for the funds to hit your card.

    Thank you,

    BitPlastic Support

    AS in Already paid from the following account

    bitplastic account –


    This account he claims the payment was made from yet

    clearly shows it wasnt paid!

    The customers account


    When customer emails support and asks them where his

    BTC was he receives.

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Re: BitPlastic withdrawal
    Date: 11.01.2014 04:00
    From: Michael Moriarty
    To: to protect client

    Hi, it would have been sent from:

    Can you CC me and coinbase so I converse with their

    support too?

    On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 6:51 PM, wrote:

    Please send me the coinbase

    requested. Thank you

    Then Bitplastic backtrack and claim being hacked!!

    see email below

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Re: BitPlastic withdrawal
    Date: 13.01.2014 21:54
    From: Michael Moriarty
    To: to protect client

    I saw your post on my timeline. I can assure you,

    100% BitPlastic is
    not a scam. Unfortunately, BitPlastic gets hacked,

    and we are doing
    our best to increase security, but hackers are

    persistent AND skilled.
    User funds are stored in cold storage, but the

    problem is that in
    your case it appears what happened was that the

    hacker injected his
    own withdrawal address to your withdrawal request.

    Even though I
    manually confirmed your withdrawal, there was a delay

    between when you
    responded (obviously) and when I processed the

    withdrawal. And that
    delay was used to exploit the hole, inject a fake

    withdrawal address,
    and steal your funds. I sent funds to the withdraw

    address in admin,
    which had changed since you made your request.

    I did everything in my power to prevent those funds

    from being stolen,
    including sending you a manual confirmation. I

    understand that
    ultimately it is probably my fault for not being able

    to secure the
    site in that particular moment against injection, but

    I am not going
    to pay you out of my pocket. You can scream SCAM all

    you want, but I
    make a lot more money running a legit site than

    stealing a few measly

    The hackers are doing me far more financial harm than

    the 1btc you
    happened to lose. I have already paid out of my

    pocket quite a lot of
    money, but I draw the line at 1 BTC and over. If you

    were smart, you
    would not load 1 BTC to any online wallet anyway,

    especially as a
    test. Online wallets are best used for smaller


    Again, you can call me a scammer all you want, but I

    run 50+ sites and
    hundreds of meetups worldwide, and dozens of free

    sites like
    BitListing and BitMeetup … and it’s just not in my

    best interest to
    steal anybody’s money. The fact that 1btc of yours

    got stolen is an
    unlucky event for us both, I assure you.


    As you can see this guy really thinks people are

    stupid and he is a god
    and does not honor any part of the refund owning to

    the customer.

    This one made me laugh! Is this any way to run a


    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Re: BitPlastic withdrawal
    Date: 13.01.2014 22:07
    From: Michael Moriarty
    To: Removed to protect client

    anyways, I am still considering just paying you out

    of my own pocket.
    Problem is, hacker stole 5.6 btc from another user

    (not the same way, this
    time he injected his own flush address so instead of

    the coins going to
    my cold storage address the money went to the

    hacker). There’s no way
    I’m covering 5.6 btc out of pocket, so he’s going to

    brand me a scammer
    no matter what. We’ll see .. I may still cover your

    1btc out of pocket.

    “I may still cover your 1btc out of pocket”!!! Are

    you kidding me??

    This site has a foul odour and after doing some

    checks so do all the sites Michael Moriarty operates. His unprofessional

    approach and his lack of security on his site tells me 2 things.. He is just

    plain stupid or is trying to scam people and as you can see here its the latter of the 2.

  3. Agree – BitPlastic is a scam. First of all, anyone who uses “Dr.” in front of their name rather than “MD” or PhD” after their name is suspicious…or a chiropractor (the original scam artists of medicine). And what does this “doctor” really do? Using this title tricks consumers into thinking this guy has some sort of ethical code. I bought into this little scam with caution. I opened a wallet and transferred 1 BTC to BitPlastic. I ordered the card for 0.2 BTC and made a Paypal transfer for 0.1 BTC. I thought it was odd that they didn’t ask for my email address when I made the PayPal transfer. The next day, I received six emails from 2 different sources associated with BitPlastic – customer service and Dr. Moriarty himself (who has a gmail email account, not a Bitplastic email account…hmmm…). The odd thing is that 2 of the 4 emails from the good doctor landed in my spam folder. All 6 emails asked for my Paypal account number….do these people not know that Paypal doesn’t have account numbers? Then I was told the transfer was rejected because I had foreign payments blocked. I got curious and checked my Bitplastic wallet – blank! As in gone, zero balance. The following week, I received an envelope from “BitPlastic”. I open it and there was just a pin number, no card. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

    • Mark Dubin – As far as I know you are not even a customer of BitPlastic.

      Snarmark: ‘The odd thing is that 2 of the 4 emails from the good doctor landed in my spam folder. All 6 emails asked for my Paypal account number’

      Absurd, we have no dealings with Paypal whatsoever.

      ‘I open it and there was just a pin number, no card. ‘

      I don’t know if this is true or not, but once we ship the card, we are not responsible for someone stealing it in the mail or getting seized by customs, etc. We do offer to replace cards if they get stolen in the mail.

  4. I set up an acct on there a few days ago. I deposited some coins and that went smoothly and quickly. I requested a withdrawal from bitplastic to another wallet. I recieved the 2 step verification email followed by another matching those above verbaitum. I am waiting on confirmation or a loss of coins and will see Moriarty/s moral fortitude.

  5. Mihai Petrescu says

    Scam website, stay away. They are trying to steal 0.3 BTC from me. Run as fast as you can.

  6. I have heard a lot of bad about this site, but I have been using it for a year and have never had btc stolen yet… maybe I am just lucky. idk. I do think the customer service sucks and I always wonder if and when I am next. I have just recently started using (, AND I AM VERY PLEASED, I have been wanting to go thru them for a while but did not have the money to do so. Its a lot more transparent (being that they are hooked up with SPC), so Bit Plastic is good for small funds, but if you are looking for advanced anonymous services, I would go thru private commerce for large funds.

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