Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card – – Revolutionary or Ripoff?

Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card. Revolutionary Or Ripoff?
I’m a believer in bitcoins, I think it has great use for normal people like us especially in the seemingly fragile state of the worlds economys
But bitcoins still produces some problems of their own. To date Ive been ripped off a few times now

Someone hacked my Mt Gox bitcoin account and removed over $1000
Ive been caught by the Paypal charge back scam selling my bitcoins have ripped me off, claiming they give me the wrong bitcoin wallet address
after I had transferred the BTC. however my mining efforts have made it back and some more.

My bitcoin spreadsheet now states positive, so I’m on the journey to find a Bitcoin Debit Card
to access my successful investment

Bitplastic is my next trial. After the Raxcard Ripoff, I’m hoping bitplastic can be
“The Bitcoin Knight in shining armor” I’m looking for, I must say  at first I was skeptical.

Youll find a small diary below on the costs and fees plus my experience


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I joined and transfered some Bitcoins in, (just enough to purchase a debit card and load it with some cash)
Bitplastic state on their webpage, the wait is 2-3 weeks

8th December 2013Deposited Bitcoins
8th December 2013Purchased Bitcoin Debit Card
20th December 2013I sent an email query about the progress of my card – 12 days since order
21st December 2013 –  My Reply was that they were just waiting for more cards – had just been posted
22nd December 2013Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card Price Rise
24th December 2013Discounted Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card Offer To Me
26th December 2013Email Address In My Profile Section has been changed to (and I didn’t do it)
26th December 2013Successfully Withdrew BTC from my account, fee = 0.003 BTC (Approx $3)
3rd January 2014Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card has arrived (Yea-Ha – Im very excited) – 26 Days from order / 13 Days postage (Canada To Australia)
3rd January 2014I noticed that the Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card is now priced back at 0.2 BTC
4th January 2014Deposited 0.1 BTC (Approx $100) Into Bitplastic and requested it to be put into my new card
4th January 2014Got a fast reply. The process is all done inside your Bitplastic members area (fee is 0.005 BTC to load 1 BTC) Ended up sending 0.095 BTC
5th January 2014I received conformation that the money has been deposited to my Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card (Takes 24-48hrs to complete)
7th January 2014The Money has deposited the bank account attached to The Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card
7th January 2014The Total Fee for The Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card

0.2 BTC For Debit card (around $200), Total Fees is around $20 for dealing with $100,
but as it is 0.005 BTC to load the card, which is a set amount unlike Mt Gox who charge 22%.
for example lets base off  say $1000, or approx 1 BTC to keep it simple and Ill use the costs associated with my transaction

Mt Gox = $220 ( at 22% of $1000) for bank deposit (4 week plus wait)
Bitplastic = $20 (At 0.020 of $1000) for Visa use or Cash withdrawal (3 days wait)

$200 Dollars the difference (or approx 0.2 BTC – The cost of the debit card)
this is based off todays pricing

So compared to Mt Gox, it would only need you to cash in $1000 or 1 BTC
and the card pays for itself, Similar to Virwox and their process.
Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card is the better option though the card is costly.

Go To Bitplastic Click Here

So lowering your fees is about doing larger transactions when loading your Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card
is around $20 – $25 total fee (Not including ATM fees) as far as I can work out.
remember it has a $200 cash withdrawal limit and $1000 Visa limit

8th January 2014I am very happy to say I just purchased $10 of items from a corner store using Visa on my Bitplastic Bitcoin Debit Card, “IT WORKS!!”

I used the Visa option, put in the pin number that Bitplastic sent me and it worked perfect


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