“Just Leave Me Alone” – Strengthening Your Child Against Predators & Bullys – BUY NOW – 40 pages – Only $9.95 With Instant Delivery

Anti-Bullying & Anti-Abduction Skills 

A Parents Guide To Keeping Your Child Safe, When Your Not There
This instantly downloaded e-book will help you to teach your child about their own personal safety at home

“Just Leave Me Alone”
A Parents Guide To Keeping Your Child Safe, When Your Not There
From The Child Safety Experts

Covers all the basics you need to teach your child about staying safe and not attracting bullies or adult predators,
These are the lessons every child should know and many that arent taught in standard martial arts classes

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Bully Proofing & Abduction Proofing Your Child
Show Them How To Boost Confidence Instantly
Teach Your Child To Be Stronger & Not Be A Victim
Teach The Little Changes That Make A Big Difference
Learn From The Kids Safety Experts Of Over 25 Years
Learn The Move That Helped Two Kids Escape A Real Life Abduction Attempt

In today’s society there is an ever-growing need to be aware of your own and your child’s personal safety. With predators of all sought lurking, some basics can make a huge difference in safely escaping harm. This was brought closer to home for us when 2 of our young students had to put their skills to the test when they found themselves in a snatch & grab attempt on separate occasions.

Through repetitious practise, the correct skills were instilled within the children so an automatic escape response set in. Their reaction saved them from a possible horrible situation. The skills that saved them all were learned from our Little Dragons Program.
A children’s martial arts based anti-bully & anti-abduction program.The escape highlighted to us that martial art skills in kids work and what we taught now had physical proof. What we also realised is every parent needs to teach their child some basics so they have an understanding of what to watch out for, and how to avoid or get out oftrouble should the occasion arise

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 Nothing can take the place of proper martial arts classes for teaching self defence and
I am a firm believer in the benefits martial arts have and feel that every child should learn the basics of personal self protection or even better, the tricks to avoiding trouble in the first place.

However this book can help you teach your child some powerful basics that will
– Improve your child’s chance of escaping and
– Decrease your child’s chance of being targeted by bullies or predators
through some simple strategies and techniques

To help give high quality and value for money, we also put in a step by step lesson on the escape move that helped two of our young students escape a real life abduction attempt, The great thing is its used against the most common grab a predator would use and it works like a charm.

After learning the lessons in this book for yourself then passing this knowledge onto your children, and because you know that the skills taught work through real life experiences, therefore you will be able to breath a little easier knowing your child knows the self-protection basics. 

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  1. Fantastic ebook! I learned some great information that I can use for myself and my child. The part on posture were really interesting. well worth its money

  2. Thankyou, Thankyou, Yhankyou. Finally a useful book on the subject of bullying
    and what to teach our kids. Thanks Justin

  3. great ebook, easy to read. some great lessons I didnt even consider

    Thanks Justin

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