Our Martial Arts Based Classes For Primary Schools – Childrens Personal Safety Talks – Childrens Self Protection Skills

Our Martial Arts Classes for primary schools are tailored to suit the school environment
and are directed at a childs level through our 15 years plus experience.

Taekwondo Central offers a number of options for our primary school programs
to learn about their own personal safety, especially when not in the safety of  or
around parents. For times we cant be there for them.


What Inspired Us To Develop Primary School Programs

In 2004, every mums worst nightmare happened to 2 of our students mothers when on seperate occasions our students found themselves in the middle of a child abduction attempt, an attempt that these kids were prepared for through our martial arts classes.

Using skills that we had taught them at Taekwondo Central Classes & The Little Dragons Program, both our brave young men realised what was happening and went into survival mode, escaping their abducters grips and alerting for help Escaping what could have been disastrous, The 2 mothers who experienced these kidnapping attempts both wrote their experience, you can find their stories by clicking the following link

After talking to the kids and evaluating the experience, though it was terrible for all who experienced this
it was a chance for us to further refine our system and increase its effectiveness to a higher level
we realised something, the principles and skills both children used were very basic, but executed with
repetitous practise to react quicker, get stronger and build it as a habit

These are all skills we can teach kids in a matter of lessons, usable potential life saving skills There are 56 moves in our little dragon kids self defence classes, however around 10 principles and moves we teach at our primary school self defence systems will greatly increase any childs chance of escaping


We Offer Our Primary School Self Defence Systems By 4 Options

Donny’s Staying Safe Talk (6 Years
& Under)

The Staying Safe Message gets across better to kids when our assistant is a friendly Red Dragon
named “Donny The Little Dragon”

Donny The Dragon (New)

Donny is our club mascot and is very popular at kids events, and is a very valuable teaching tool for us Donny helps us show the kids the basics of Childrens Personal Safety in a fun, entertaining way that young
children really respond to. They have so much fun, they are unaware they are learning potentially life saving skills


Staying Safe Talk (7 Years Plus)

Both Anti-Abduction & Anti Bully Skills are essential to kids, Its amazing how a little strategy and developed skill can add to their chances of escaping these situations unharmed. If you prefer this in an entertaining talk that will help them understand these important principles, then the “Staying Safe Talk” is for you

Demonstrating using our own props and crowd members, our style of teaching will teach your children these important skills but also allow them a great time and good laugh. Staying Safe is the basics of self protection all kids should know where theyre out and about

Great to have just before school holidays to rejog their memory and give them the little reminder that these are the time the need to be aware and alert, plus armed with the knowledge from our 15 years of experience in childrens safety


Basic Self Defence (Any Age)

Based on our 10 Defence Principles of child defence, this course will show the children some of the moves
needed for child vs adult defence and anti-bully stratagies. partnering up,
they will now get the chance to have a go at some of the moves under the safe watchful eyes of
a Martial Arts Master.

This class is the next level above the Staying Safe Talk by putting principles to practise
its great fun, educational and covers basics that many schools overlook.


Basic Self Defence (Any Age) – 4 Week Course

Turning Skills To Habits is what the 4 week Course is all about. Learning and applying our top 10 principles
but going the further step of embedding them to become a usable reaction, not just a fun move.

Over 4 weeks the children will be guided through our stratagies with the bonus of being able to fully
develop our techniques and therefor greatly increasing a chance of possible harm, exactly what happened
to our 2 Little Abduction Escapists. Their reactions saved them and this is our goal with your class

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