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October 2020

TERM 4 – 2020 Starts

From Monday 12th October. Book Your Place Now
Its Going To Be A Great Term
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November 2020

 Grading Qualification Seminar Series

15th November
Part 1 of the Term 4 Grading
For Taekwondo & Little / Super Dragons
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Board Breaking Seminar 

22nd November
For Taekwondo Blue, Red & Black Belt
Help get ready for your Black Belt Dan Grading
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Black Belt Dan Grading Qualifying Test

22nd November
Time for us to make our final selection on who will represent Taekwondo Central at the
Taekwondo Ohdokwan Black Belt Dan Grading
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Black Belt Dan Grading

29th November
Find Out The Details Of The Black Belt Grading
Your Reward For Years Of Commitment
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December 2020

TERM 4 Grading / Club Belt Examination

Little Dragonflies & Dragons start from 14th December
Taekwondo Students = 18th December
End of Term Grading Details
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2021 January Summer Holiday Program (SHP2021)

Our Summer Holiday Program & Express Grading Chance
Is a great way to keep the skills refined over the holidays
4th January – 29th January 2021
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