Taekwondo Central RFID Scan Blocking Wallet Or Purse Cards – Protect Your Money From Electronic Theft – Its Electronic Self Defence

RFID Scan Blocking Card Add

The latest Anti-Scan Technology, exactly like “Scan Blocker Adds” on TV is what you will find in our Taekwondo Central Scan Block Cards.

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9th May 2016

Were all about Self Protection, and many of you want you precious gift of a child to be able to protect themselves, or stay safe, now one of societies growing theft is electronic by using walk by scanner that manipulate the “Tap & Go” system of todays Visa and Mastercards. Now your pocket can be picked by standing within a couple of meters of you and you wont even feel it. Todays scanning and RFID industry has changed society and made life much easier. Unfortunatey its make it easier for thefts also.

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With some scan blocking cards asking $20 – $50. We are only asking $9.95 and we assure you its the same technology.
Your New Taekwondo Central Scan Block Card will form a protective field around your Visa or Mastercard and not allow RFID Scanning Technology to pass through making it impossible to get your information or money.
Its The “Block” to the “RFID Punch”. Its Electronic Self Defence.

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