Second Grading Seminars – Sunday 29th April 2018 – SWSC Bunbury



Second Chance Grading Seminars

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Monday 29th April 2018 – ASHS Gym – Bunbury

4.30 – 5.30 pm – Dragonflies & Dragons Second Chance Grading (All Levels)
4.30 – 6.00 pm – Taekwondo Second Chance Grading (All Levels)


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Term 2 Starts From – Monday April 30th 2018. New Members Welcome

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Taekwondo Ohdokwan Blackbelt Dan Grading – 27th May 2018

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Board Breaking Seminar Logo

Board Breaking Seminar – 13th May 2018

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Lets Spar!! Combat Central – Sunday 10am

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Poomsae Seminar & Judges Qualification By Australian National Poomsae Coach

National Poomsae (Patterns) Seminar – Saturday 30th June
(Open to Blue belt & above. 10yrs +)
Master David Warren
National Poomsae Coach
Taekwondo Ohdokwan Centre
Unit 1 – 123 Burslem Drive
Cost = $15
Time  = 2.30pm – 5.30pm
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National Poomsae Judges Course For Blackbelts - Sunday 1st July
Master David Warren
WTF International Poomsae Referee
Taekwondo Ohdokwan Centre
Unit 1 – 123 Burslem Drive
Cost = $125
Time  = 9.00pm – 5.00pm
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Taekwondo Grandmaster Seminar At Bunbury HQ – 18th March 2012 – Starts 2pm

We are very proud to announce that Grandmaster Ross Hartnett (8th Dan Blackbelt) &
Master Carmela Hartnett (7th Dan Blaackbelt) will be coming to Taekwondo Central
for a Poomsae Seminar for our Taekwondo Club

Mr & Mrs Hartnett recently were recognised by the World Taekwondo Federaration (WTF)
Hall Of Fame in Korea for their contribution to the sport & the Art of Taekwondo

Mr Hartnett was the 2000 Sydney Olympic Head Coach that help secure Australia’s First
Olympic Gold & Silver Medal, While Mrs Hartnett is a World Champion at poomsae (patterns)

The seminar will be held at 2 Armitage St Bunbury starting 2pm and all are welcome.
We will have more details shortly of this great opportunity