2nd Alternative Grading – 3rd August 2014



If your unable to make our inclass grading, we have an alternative grading date
for members that have earned their grading invitation (Envelope)

Alternative Grading

Date – Sunday 3rd August 2014
Time – 3.00pm
Venue – ASHS Gym (Australind High School Gym)

To go for your examination and attempt your grading you will need to
qualify and have your skills checked over by one of our team of instructors

To Grade You Must Have Attended 12 Classes of Experience
to be able to grade (75% Training Attendance is minimal amount to grade)


To Grade You Must Have

1) A Dobok (Taekwondo Uniform), must be V-neck style not karate wrap around style,
must not have other club logo’s, badges or markings, we prefer our Taekwondo Central
or Little Dragons Logo, no coloured pants only white

Doboks can be ordered through us at the attendance book

2) Membership Paid. , form need to be filled out, OK’d and fees honoured.
See the attendance book for Membership Forms

3) Had Enough Experience To grade Little Dragons need to have trained at least 6 times,
Taekwondo Members need 13 lessons of experience to test for their belt.

4) Know Your Grading Naturally make sure you know your grading,
this will help you become successful in passing the level

5) All Class Payments Honoured

6) Fill Out Grading Envelope (If Selected to grade) Fill out the grading slip and enclose
the correct fee in an envelope to hand in.


Best Of Luck to all members


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