Leadership Team Meeting – For Our Next Leaders – Term 4 – 2017

Want To Help Instruct?

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Leadership Team Training 4
Venue – Australind Senior High School Gym
Time – 1.00pm – 2.00pm
Cost—$10 per class

Team Meeting 1 = Sunday 15th October
Team Meeting 2 = Sunday 29th October
Team Meeting 3 = Sunday 3rd December

(As this is a private business training not a martial arts class, no spectators will be allowed)

With our ever growing numbers and our service in Bunbury, Eaton & Australind. We are looking to develop our next generation of leaders to help assist with our children’s classes. We will be running a series of  Leadership Training sessions over the year to help develop skills of helpers and so our helpers get an understanding of what we want from them

To Qualify
Be 10yrs or over
Be minimal Blue Belt
Have show manners & be polite
Have a good understanding of our techniques
Be Enthusiastic & want to help
must train 2x min per week

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