Great Turn Out To The Womens Self Defence Workshop & Courses

Over 60 attend workshops

The Counterstrike Womens Self Defence Program Is a simple easy start to effective self defence.

Over 60 Women attended the 2 workshops held in both Bunbury & Australind and learned about improving presence and striking vulnerable areas.
With some 16 women joining up the Australind 6 week Counterstrike Course and now learning the finer points of staying safe.

We would like to thank all the women who came to the classes and workshops. We certainly hoped that you gained some valuable lessons on self defence

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The Paragon Program

Paragon : A model or example of profound … [Read More...]



Successful Summer Holiday Program – SHP2017

25 members signed up for SHP2017 and Im glad to … [Read More...]


New Black Belt Promotions. John, Justin, Ajana Vanya

Master Justin Warren Awarded Bunbury Mail Lifetime Of Achievement 2016

It was a great year For Taekwondo Central in 2016 The … [Read More...]


How I Doubled My Money In 3 Days With Coinspot Cryptocurrency Trading.

I’ve been reading all the latest hype about cryptocurrency & bitcoins and its hard to not get blown away by it all. The gains have been astounding.
I mean life changing with as little as $100 or even $10. So I thought I would get involved and play around with this new world money system

Now before I say about what has happened with the sum I have invested, I am no stranger to online currencies

I lost thousands in the Osgold scandal and lost 9 bitcoins in the Mt Gox stolen bitcoins. So third time lucky, or simply crazy?

The fact is I do believe in cryptocurrency, I think it has its place but it still has a while to go until it is accepted more.
I heard that only 1-10 people only, know what bitcoin is nevermind invest or use it.

I had 9 Bitcoins when they were some $400 each which is worth $3600
Those 9 bitcoins today when I’m writing this would be just under $10000 each (AUD) $90000 from doing nothing, just having it in a safer place
In 3 Years.

Recently I noticed the rise in bitcoin after I had swore off it for a while and as shown above. the difference was staggering,
Now all these new cryptocurrencies or Altcoins have appeared and while most turned up there nose, they have made a fortune for some.


One of the top contending crypto currencies is Ripple (XRP)

Ripple Chart

This graph shows an increase from $0.02 to $0.29 in 6 weeks
That’s 14.5 x your money
$100 = $1450
$1000 = $14500

Another is Etherium


Etherium around $1 to $43 in 18 months
43 x your money (Its worth $400 AUD today) 400 x your money

$100 = $4300
$1000 = $43000


$100 = $40000
$1000 = $400000

That’s life changing returns and there are many more that have this steep curve

So I took out a Coinspot Cryptocurrency Trading Account and had a go
Coinspot has currently 57 Cryptocurrencies you can invest in
That’s 57 Wallets in one account. It was an easy choice


In he last 3 days I switched some money ($550) into a Power Ledger Cryptocurrency Account in Coinspot and Doubled my money to now hold just over $1100. In 3 days
Since I started into Crypto maybe 2 months back I have gained a 30% increase with Bitcoins alone making its fair share of the biggest gains.

I started with 4% of my income I wish to invest in cryptocurrencies. through the increase in value of these currencies it is now over 5% of my free investment income. In 2 months. So My conclusion was for a small amount that if I lost wouldn’t end my world, invested in some cryptocurrencies at the correct time when the industry is still growing may double or better my money. Even 10 times.

Yes. Of Course!! Just don’t risk. As with above $100 can turn into $40000. Invest $1000, 10 ways ($100 per coin) even. Only 1 has to take off, it wont matter what the other 9 do.
If 2 take off WOW!! Or 3!!!!

When I first got into bitcoins there were guys putting up the case for a bitcoin being $5000 – $10000 one day. They were being ridiculed.
They are now Millionaire Bitcoin Investors. Some are saying it will go to $100000. Who knows.
I’m going to take the gamble, What about you?

Sign Up with a Coinspot account to access over 50 cryptocurrencies, Its like a crypto-exchange. Verification is simple ID
put just $100 in and invest

If your chosen cryptocurrency tanks out, well ok. $100 lost. Its ok, You’ll Survive
If it goes like Etherium, you now own $40000.
For a $100 investment?

Sign Up Here

Kevin Atherton – A – Z Horticultural Services – Farm Management to Home Lawn Services – Collie & Surrounding Areas


Kevin Atherton


Farm Management
Supervisor Role
Black Berry Spraying
Soil Quality Testing
Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Service
Weed Spraying
Tree Management
Reticulation and Water Management
Fruit Trees
Licensed Weed, Disease & Pest Control
Garden Maintenance

Extensive Local Knowledge
Certified Horticulturist
All Garden Requirement

Reticulation Installation & Maintenance
Weed Management Technician License
Fencing Repairs & Construction
Land & Waterway Restoration


Counterstrike – Australind Womens Self Defence Course – 6 Week Course – Starts 2nd May 2017

Womens Self defence kidnap

Next Course


Womens Basic Self Defence Course

Date - 2nd May – 6th June 2017 -
Duration - 6 Weeks
Day - Tuesdays
Time – 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Venue – Australind High School Gym
Fitness Level Required – Low
Cost – $90 (Payment Required First Class)
Contact – Justin Warren
SMS – 0407 470 964
Email –


Counterstrike Sign - Logo


 Our Counterstrike Womens Self Defence Courses & Workshops Have Been Supported By

Counterstrike Supporters

South West Womens Health & Information Centre (SWWHIC) – Waratah Support Centre – Zonta Club Of Bunbury – Bunbury Catholic College

These are workshops for Pure Self Defence, Nothing Fancy, Nothing Traditional, These workshops are about hitting fast, hard and where it hurts
Counterstrike Womens Self Defence & Empowerment Courses Will Give You These Life Saving Skills
The skills all women need to know

Womens Self Defence 198x300 Free Womens Self Defence Course

The COUNTERSTRIKE Women’s Self Defence Courses have been the South West Premier Self Defence Courses For Women,
Running Over 15 Years. The Course has trained over 1000 Women & Girls the finer points of real self defence & assault prevention
So How About You?

Devon  Mooney, Amy Brookes, Amber Hurst, Keilani Mill, Jaimi Wright, Justin Warren, Sarah Adamson, Jocelyn Brown, Shakira Marlan, Jessica Rossiter



Become More
Empowerment Plus (6 Hours)

- 6 Week Course (6 x 1 hr)

Counterstrike Power Up
Strength Projection
Signals To Watch Out For
Tips For Home & About
Personal Defence Principles
Counterstrike Quick Strike Combo
The Body’s Weak Points
Quick Release Escapes Vs Abduction Snatch & Grabs
Building A Stronger Defence
Confrontational Skills
Pre-Emptive Striking
Counterstrike Empowerment Testing
Knock Out Your Attacker Without Striking

Sarah Wingate & Bonny Twigg

Please Check Out Our Other Services Below



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Start Training With Us? – Let Us Inspire You!

Term 1 2017 Start Dates Bunbury Martial Arts – From … [Read More...]

New Black Belt Promotions. John, Justin, Ajana Vanya

Master Justin Warren Awarded Bunbury Mail Lifetime Of Achievement 2016

It was a great year For Taekwondo Central in 2016 The … [Read More...]


The 4 Most Dangerous Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Self Defence School For Their Child


Children’s Self Defence Is Essential
In todays world, teaching your child how to stay safe should rank up there with learning to swim. Why? Because the worst possible scenario can have devastating results. Some good effective basics can greatly increase your child’s chances of escaping harm. As with anything, the correct preventative measures can greatly reduce chances of harm coming to your child.

There are many forms of martial arts and self defence, so how do you pick what’s right for your child? All Martial Arts have great benefits but not all are age appropriate especially for young children
Child abduction is among a parents greatest fear backed by high profile cases like Madeleine McLanes abduction in Portugal or in Australia, the heart destroying story of the Daniel Morecombe abduction and murder. Getting the right basics based on principles of self preservation and quick escaping should be the first stop for your child, It could make all the difference in surviving this sort of assault.

Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann

Daniel Morecombe

Daniel Morecombe

“Nearly one in three victims of kidnapping/abduction (32% or 191 victims) was aged 14 years or under”
4510.0 – Recorded Crime – Victims, Australia, 2013 . Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 26/06/2014


The first question you need to ask is what the goal you want for your child in regard to martial arts training
Martial arts has many different sides now and like many arts has its sub-groups or styles. Many specialise in different areas. Some are traditional, some are sport based, some are weapons based, so what is best for a child? None of the above. These types of styles can be experimented with later but having a good foundation of “Life Preserving Self Defence”. The other subject we need to talk about is keeping your child safe and traditional, sport and leave many holes in their effectiveness. Its something that all traditional and sport martial arts instructors know inside but rarely admit. It is purely unethical to teach a child to use a weapon. Its dangerous, it adds whole new dimension to injury if the weapon is wrestled off a child. I think its is not needed in our society, not for a child, not in Australia



Younger Target Being Chosen For Kidnappings

Sunday Herald Sun May 11, 2013 10:00PM
“Kidnapping crimes – including foiled attempts – soared to 160 offences last financial year In Victoria, up from 89 in the 2009 financial year”.
Alarmingly, children under 10 were the targets in 30 of the terrifying offences committed last year.


The 4 Most Dangerous Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing
A Self Defence School For Their Child Under 9 Years Of Age

1 – Excessive Contact
2 – Too Sport Orientated
3 – Too Traditional Orientated
4 – Not Age Appropriate


1 – Excessive Contact
Excessive Contact is dangerous and has the potential to do serious damage. Young children don’t need this type of training. Excessive head contact in particular is what we need to look out for. What young children don’t need is neck or even brain damage associated with excess contact that can hinder their growth and development.  Self Defence for kids is a must but the theory of getting beaten up to learn how to not get beaten up is wrong for children. There is a better way. If your child or even you would like to get involved with contact martial arts. Look after their brains with proper protection but basically if they can be knocked out, they can get a brain injury, remember they are still growing, it’s a crucial time in their brain development and wrestling around with joint locks needs to be done with great care, but really isnt the right approach to child vs adult self defence


 Scared Child with Hand over her Mouth

“How Our Little Dragons Class Helped Two Children Escape Real Life Abduction Attempt” – Click Here


2 – Too Sport Orientated
Sport Martial Arts are great but also have a flaw in regard to self defence, they teach a person to enter a modified default combat mode, this default mode is based on what they’re taught repetitiously at their martial arts class. If it’s a sport they have many limitations.

Sport sets automatic limits that they will automatically fall into when trying to defend themselves. Its called Rules. This can work against the child if the aggressor attacks in a way the child isn’t used to and doesn’t react to. If sport and competition is what your after for your under 9, the benefit of sport is documented however if your goal at this young age is to know that they can escape a potentially life threatening situation, then different defence reactions need to be built.

Once these basic correct self protection reactions are built, then you can be more experimental and enter into sport, traditional or more weapon based styles. Safety is more important than a trophy or gold medal. For children under 9, this needs to be the focus, building the correct instinctive reactions that don’t leave them in danger. For children the focus needs to be on increasing escaping potential as a sport style builds in the wrong goal for young children’s self protection. Scoring points don’t count


“Street/footpath was the most common location for kidnapping/abduction to occur (43% or 258 victims)”
4510.0 – Recorded Crime – Victims, Australia, 2013 . Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 26/06/2014


3 – Too Traditional Orientated
Its what every martial art style stems from. A tradition and a traditional style. Most traditional styles are either too fancy or too ridged for under 9’s self defence, and though helpful in different areas, they have benefits in many ways, but not ideal for what for what we want, which is to protect your child from harm. There is more updated ways to teach children better self defence.

Moves that require a defence of 3 movement off 1 attack aren’t really usable for a child it takes to long to train a child these techniques to make them usable, or defences against stationary attacks where in training where the attacker holds a position just doesn’t happen in reality. Ridged stances and blocks aren’t adapted to changing situations of an attack and don’t allow for avoidance.

The key for under 9’s is to use what they have and avoidance and escape tactics, its always a better choice than fight for a young child, flexible, adaptable, usable escape techniques are what you want your child to be good at, not confrontation skills, not for their size, not at the age of 8 or lower. Ridged stances aren’t appropriate for realistic young children, they wont out power an adult, its common sense. A Hit and Run is a far better option for kids. If your child is under 9, Do them a favour by teaching them how to escape


Females accounted for a slightly larger proportion of all kidnapping/abduction victims (57% or 344 victims
4510.0 – Recorded Crime – Victims, Australia, 2013 . Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 26/06/2014


4 – Age Appropriate
Children’s self defence needs to have a different focus than adults or even teen self defence. The fact is many leverage moves a child attempts still wont overcome an adults strength, take downs wont work and trying to wrestle an adult if you’re a child is a waist of time. Getting as far away as quick as they can is the automatic defence mode you want your child to employ.

Confrontation is not the goal, Escape is. However correct strikes to the right targets can temporarily stop an adult that creates a window of opportunity and give a chance for your child to escape. The Ultimate Goal In Children’s Self Defence is to Escape. Some martial arts can put young children in a very bad
position not taking into consideration their size and what they can realistically do

Some martial arts schools styles just don’t suit the purpose of escaping. They give benefits when your child is older. But if you have a child under 9 years of age, dont focus on engaging. This wont end good for your child if engaging is their safety default or self defence plan taught by the school they attend and the reflexes built in




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Prodigy Program – Another Way To Lift Your Level Fast!! – Get Some Extra Attention To Detail

Prodigy Program Header Logo


Do you want a higher level of learning?

Are you struggling learning under a larger class environment?

Do you want a closer level of instruction?


Here is your chance! We are offering an exclusive opportunity for you to learn ONE on ONE with a 3rd Dan Black Belt Instructor. The package we’re offering includes:


- 8 private ONE on ONE 60 minutes lessons over 4 weeks During January 2018.

- Grading Opportunity


At the end of the 4 weeks you will be given the opportunity to grade and gain your next level.
That’s right, gain a WHOLE level in only 4 weeks. This is where the benefits of private lessons really become clear.

Private lessons provide many opportunities and benefits.

  • They can be a great confidence booster, you’re free to ask as many questions as you please, giving you the ability to fine tune and understand that technique you might be struggling with.
  • Gain higher knowledge in a shorter period with 100% attention from your Instructor.

Equipped with years of experience in training kids from aged 3 all the way through to adults in their 60s,
3rd Dan Blackbelt Instructor John knows the syllabus like the back of his hand.


Stuck on a pattern…? Instructor John can help.

Confused with a technique…? Instructor John can walk you through it.

Having trouble with one of your new kicks…? Instructor John can break it down for you.


Instructor John has a unique ability to draw the best out of our quieter and less confident students, so if this is you or your child, this opportunity is not to be missed.

Refine your techniques, boost your confidence, gain an extra level !


What are you waiting for, book NOW!

Training slots available Mon-Friday between 9am and 3pm.


Call or SMS John on 0468 534 533

Email -



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January Summer Holiday Taekwondo Training Program – Express Grading Chance 2018

SHP2018 BOOK NOW – LIMITED … [Read More...]


Ajana Plunkett With Her Medals -

Ajana: The Master’s Apprentice – Coal Under Pressure Creates Diamonds.

By Kristy Hitchens – Brown Mouse … [Read More...]


2018 logo

Term 1, 2018 Starts – Monday 5th February 2018

- Starts Monday 5th February 2018  – Current & … [Read More...]

Grading Week Details For Term 4, 2017, Monday 11th December – Thursday 14th December. In Class Grading

To go for your examination and attempt your grading you will need to
qualify and have your skills checked over by one of our team of instructors

Your 2017 Term 4 Grading 


Little Dragonflies, Little Dragons, Super Dragons & Taekwondo

Grading Examination will be Monday 11th December and / or Wednesday 13th December 2017

Little Dragonflies, Little Dragons, Super Dragons & Taekwondo

Grading Examination will be from Tuesday 12th December and/or Thursday 14th December

To Grade You Must Have Attended 12 Classes of Experience For Taekwondo Members and 6 For Little Dragons to be able to grade (70% Training Attendance is minimal amount to grade)

Taekwondo Students must turn up on both training nights during the grading week
for us to complete the whole grading


To Grade You Must Have

1) A Dobok (Taekwondo Uniform), must be V-neck style not karate wrap around style,
must not have other club logo’s, badges or markings, we prefer our Taekwondo Central
or Little Dragons Logo, no coloured pants only white

Doboks can be ordered through us at the attendance book

2) Membership Paid. , form need to be filled out, OK’d and fees honoured.
See the attendance book for Membership Forms

3) Had Enough Experience To grade Little Dragons need to have trained at least 6 times,
Taekwondo Members need 13 lessons of experience to test for their belt.

4) Know Your Grading Naturally make sure you know your grading,
this will help you become successful in passing the level

5) All Class Payments Honoured

6) Fill Out Grading Envelope (If Selected to grade) Fill out the grading slip and enclose
the correct fee in an envelope to hand in.

holiday logo

 Paragon Program Logo

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Child Abduction True Escapes -

Class Skills Become Life Saving Skills That Helped 2 Little Dragons Escape from Abduction Attempts

Its a Parents worst nightmare but not for these 2 … [Read More...]



The 4 Most Dangerous Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Self Defence School For Their Child

Children’s Self Defence Is Essential In todays world, … [Read More...]

Justin Warren excecutes a jump back kick at 43 years of age - B & W

5 Crucial Age Defying Factors To Keep In Mind When Starting Martial Arts For Better Health – Master Justin Warren – Taekwondo Central

At 43, Master Justin Warren Focuses On Martial Arts For … [Read More...]

SAVE A MASSIVE 30% On 2018 Memberships – Offer Closes In Just 2 Days

30-percent-off[1]2018 Taekwondo Central Memberships


Its a 2 week window. An opportunity to get a years membership with Taekwondo Central but the offer only stand until the

14th December 2017

2018 Discount Membership Form can be attained at the attendance book and
we hope you do take this opportunity to continue your journey to Black Belt and beyond with us.

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Maddison Booth & Mollie Swarbrick Await There Turn at Black Belt Grdaing -

11 Of Our Taekwondo Central Members Pass Their Belt In 2018 Black Belt Dan Grading – We Got Some Great Photos Too

The End of year black belt grading is a … [Read More...]

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January Summer Holiday Taekwondo Training Program – Express Grading Chance 2018

SHP2018 BOOK NOW – LIMITED … [Read More...]


Grad-Shield Logo

Grad-Shield. Self Defence Lesson For School Leavers

“Its not what you do for your children, Its what you … [Read More...]



Grading Week Details For Term 4, 2017, Monday 11th December – Thursday 14th December. In Class Grading

To go for your examination and attempt your grading you … [Read More...]


Ajana Plunkett With Her Medals -

Ajana Plunkett: The Master’s Apprentice – Coal Under Pressure Creates Diamonds.

By Kristy Hitchens – Brown Mouse … [Read More...]


9 NEW Black Belts For Taekwondo Central – Well Done Team!! (More grading photos added daily – check them out)

Taekwondo Central New Black Belts Dec 2016

L to R.      Brooklyn Jauncey, Tahlia Gowland, Max Avins, Declan Higgins, Madison Booth, Justin Warren, Brent Tankink, David Brown, Deacon Malatesta, Ajana Plunkett & Mollie Swarbrick

Its Our Greatest number passing black belt to date. The State Ohdokwan Black Belt Grading was held on the 4th November 2016 in Gosnells in which all our members did us proud amongst 80 attaempting the grading

David Browne lead the charge passing his 2nd Dan Black Belt, David has put in a very solid year seamingly inspired by his 1st Dan achievement 12 months ago. Working through Taekwondo Centrals Black Belt Sub Grading Syllabus through 2016 put him in a good spot to step up and take on the challenge. Another challenge conquered Dave.

Our 8 other members all passed their 1st Dan Black Belt (Poom – Junior Grade)

Deacon Malatesta
Mollie Swarbrick
Madison Booth
Brent Tankink
Tahlia Gowland
Max Avins
Brooklyn Jauncey
Declan Higgins

I am not just proud of their grading and all of them putting themselves up to be tested, but Im also really proud of the way they conducted themselves representing our club
There was nerves, anxiety, buttterflies and tears, and that was just the parents. the team held it together really well at the pre grading stage, with all excited but controlled with the odd nerves creeping in but it was all business on the grading floor. They all new what to do. Great job everybody and welcome to black belt and the advanced stages of learning. Myself, Ajana & John are all so very proud instructors right now. Our club totalled 13 Black Belt gradings in 2016

It was also a milestone for our own Head Instructor Ajana Plunkett, now being 4th Dan Black belt gives her access and the privilidge to now sit at the Ohdokwan Grading Panel meaning that Ajanas decision influences passing black belt. It is a milestone that most never see in Taekwondo. and it was another proud moment for me looking across and seeing her marking her share of the 80 participants attempting a black belt level.
On another note I have a huge thank you to Head Instructor Ajana Plunkett and Senior Instructor John Crawford who both played a huge part in helping all members pass especially towards he final weeks where it really counts.

Today was a huge goal achieved for me also. Our club has grown from strength to strength since we changed venues in 2014 due to a chain of life changing events and stupid decisions. It was a huge learning curve.
I was turning into someone I didnt like. Something had to change. So I come home and started to write a letter that Taekwondo Central is no longer and would finish for good. A paragraph in I paused and looked up.
There it was! My life philosophy at the top of my school classroom sized whiteboard in my study.


It ignited me again. Putting my hand up as a leader is a task many wont do, it draws its fair share of criticism and is not easy but its not just my passion. its more. Its my purpose. we now have 9 new members grading for black belt. Today I realised thats what all my students are doing, theyre testing themselves, I am, Ajana and John are. All of us are pursuing Progress Over Perfection.
We are all finding what were capable and were loving it!
Earning your black belt is an amazing self journey, I saw 7 of my past Little Dragons grade for Black belt today (Thats incredible!!), I saw 9 have to conquer nervousness, uncertainty, anxiety, temporary memory lapse, tears, heavy limbs, and the voice inside saying “What on earth am I doing here?” but this feeling is what its about. this is the part of life that makes you feel alive. Its the Pre-Success feeling.

At the end of the day I saw 9 people over the top with happiness, energy, pride, fulfillment, joy tears, hugs, high fives, photos, over 20 proud family members, and the self satisfaction that a disciplined goal has been achieved, a goal that has made them all stronger on many levels they havent even realised yet. A goal that has made them step up and say


If your reading this? Arent you just a little curious? Cmon and have a go. A Black belt with us will be a cherished memory for life, an accolade that can never be taken, and is great experience to share with a friend or family member.

Master Head Instructor Justin Warren

 Tahlia Gowland with mum Deanna Celebrating

Justin Warren, Deacon Malatesta (With Black Belt Certificate)& Ajana Plunkett

Justin Warren & Declan Higgins

The Black Belt Grading Participants

Declan Higgins presented his Black Belt Cewrtificate

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 Discounts Pic


Leadership Team Meeting – For Our Next Leaders – Term 4 – 2017

Want To Help Instruct?

Leadership Team Logo

Leadership Team Training 4
Venue – Australind Senior High School Gym
Time – 1.00pm – 2.00pm
Cost—$10 per class

Team Meeting 1 = Sunday 15th October
Team Meeting 2 = Sunday 29th October
Team Meeting 3 = Sunday 3rd December

(As this is a private business training not a martial arts class, no spectators will be allowed)

With our ever growing numbers and our service in Bunbury, Eaton & Australind. We are looking to develop our next generation of leaders to help assist with our children’s classes. We will be running a series of  Leadership Training sessions over the year to help develop skills of helpers and so our helpers get an understanding of what we want from them

To Qualify
Be 10yrs or over
Be minimal Blue Belt
Have show manners & be polite
Have a good understanding of our techniques
Be Enthusiastic & want to help
must train 2x min per week

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