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Taekwondo Centrals Head Instructor 4th Dan Black Belt Miss Ajana Plunkett

11.00 am – 12.00 noon
Cloud Nine Wellness Centre – Bunbury Plaza


4.15 pm – 5.15 pm
Eaton Softball Pavilion – Recreation Rd

Both Classes Will Continue To Run Over The January School Holidays


Taekwondo Central will now be running a day and afternoon class for any women or mums who have considered taking up the martial arts that we all love so much.

In a time of heightened awareness of women’s safety, there really is only one thing your can improve instantly. It is the only thing you have complete control over and will make a definite change to the current safety concerns. It is of course….

your own personal defence skills

We are very excited to announce our Women’s Only Class and I know Ajana is really looking forward to passing her skills on to anybody needing to feel safer, lift confidence or just a great fun activity that will improve your health. Perhaps you may become one of our future black belts? Its a goal you will be proud of your whole life and a great personal achievement for anybody.

Isn’t it time you did something for yourself?

When was the last time you achieved something you were really proud of?

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Taekwondo is one of those unique system that reward you via belts of your progress. It fitness and health with a purpose. Sure kicking a bag or going for a jog are good for your health but have no greater purpose than their health benefits, Taekwondo will reward you with a world recognised black belt. A visual recognition of your work and something that almost everybody on the planet knows what it stands for –


Benefits Of Martial Arts

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