Awesome Demo, Check Out The Photos. South West Multicultural Festival 2017


It was hot, it was rushed but it was awesome!!! Just amazing photos, Thanks to everyone who give up time to get involved, the feedback has been terrific. Thankyou to the Bunbury Multicultural group and Di Stewart for the opportunities,

If you have any great pics send them over to me at


John Crawford, Axe Kick

Master Justin Warren Flying kick 2017

Getting The Team Focused

Tahlia Gowland smashes a board with a Back Kick


Deon and Deegan show some skills


Brayden and Tai showing self defence

Rebecca Buhlmann Flyes at Master Justin


Justin with Eric demonstrating blocks


Deegan smashes his board


Eric and Cheyanne showing kids defence


Tai Flyes


Brent Hip Throws Deacon during self defence


Mia Tornado Kicks


Tahlia Hammerlocks Brent


David Browne Finishes a spin kick


Dylan practises a Step up jump back kick


Deon Wraps up Deegan


Brayden hip throws Tai


Deacon and Brent demonstrate Traditional Taekwondo


The Team bow off


Cheyanne demonstrates her blocks


Rebecca beats up Justin


Remy demonstrates her blocks


David Browne plays around with flying kicks after the demo


A potential Little Dragonfly


Another potential Dragonfly


Hip Throw


Kaiden Guiver Flyes


Jessica smashes her boards
Lucas wraps up David during self defence


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