Taekwondo Central Closed Until Further Notice (COVID-19)

Sadly but understandable, due to the Australian Government Covid-19 policy of closing indoor sports. We have no choice and will now have to close Taekwondo Central until further notice.

We will make an announcement to members tomorrow on options we are making to continue training and news about possible belt examinations
Our Taekwondo Family is a wonderful group of parents, children, families & instructors and we will certainly miss our students & friends but we are working on solutions to keep everybody active and continuing to pursue your goal

Please Stay Safe Everybody


  1. Gary, Mel, Rebecca & Eric says

    Good on you for making the decision to close your classes in response to the rapid changing COVID-19 situation.

    Staying home is our most effective self-defence skill right now!

    Take care everyone and see you when this threat is over.

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