Donny Visits Little Dragonflies & Little Dragons

 Australind Little Dragons With Donny

Donny Pictured Above with Australind Little Dragons Martial Arts

Taekwondo Central Club Mascot made a visit to all our Little Dragonflies & Little Dragons recently to help Master Justin Warren teach young children how to protect themselves
Donny made a visit to all Taekwpndo Centrals kids self defence throughout Bunbury, Eaton & Australind much to the delight of the kids

Donny (who is also a bklack belt in Taekwondo demonstrated some blocks, strikes and how to get away from a two handed wrist grab. When demonstrating a punch,
Donny was so strong he nearly knocked the Taekwondo Master over. He’s very powerfull from all the Taekwondo Training he has done.

Donny will make his next appearing in March where he and the rest of the Taekwondo Central Instructing Team will teach young children anti bully & anti abduction skills


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