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Express Grading Chance

The 2017 January Summer Holiday Program is booking out and we are looking forward to our first holiday program since 2013
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2017 Early Bird Membership

Resign up with us before 2017 and we will give you an almost 30% discount of the cost of membership in 2017
Forms can be collected at the attendance book. Offer Ends 15th December. Only for current members resigning


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Scan Blocking Cards – Anti RFID Theft
Our Xmas Style Pack gives a you 4 cards for the price of 2
Send Them To Someone – Or Cut and Re-gift
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Taekwondo Central Excess Winter Clothing Sell Out

Wrong size orders and some excess stock needs to be cleared. great xmas present or get prepared for next winter.  We have the folllowing articles

Size 12 Kids
 Kids Delux Warm Up Jacket (With Back logo)    $45

Size 14 Kids
Kids Delux Warm Up Jacket (With Back logo)     $45
Kids Standard Warm Up Jacket (With No Back logo)    $25
Kids Standard Warm Up Jacket (With No Back logo)    $25

Size S
 Standad Hoodie (No Back Logo) Needs Zipper Replacement $15

Size M
   Delux Warm Up Jacket (With Back logo) $45

Size L
 Delux Hoodie (With Back logo)   $45
   Delux Warm Up Jacket (With Back logo)   $45

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