Family Taekwondo Classes ( 9 yrs + )

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Recommended For Ages = 9 yrs +
GOAL = Quality Martial Arts & Self Defence Training for the whole family

Leschenault Leisure Centre

Tursday & Thursday
5.45pm – 6.45pm

Dalyellup Community Centre

5.30pm – 6.30pm

“A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together”

Taekwondo Central’s Family Taekwondo Classes are an opportunity for individual family members to work on their own Blackbelt goal at the same timeslot, it’s convenient and a great timesaver for families

We recognise the amazing bonding effect Taekwondo training as a family can have, from a common interest and a chance to share each other’s successes as a team. At our family training timeslots all Blackbelt programs can be pursued including the
Junior Blackbelt Program, Open Blackbelt Program and Senior Blackbelt Program (Lesser Impact) so family members can train at their chosen program.

Through these systems we can guide you through the beginning basics right up to expert level Black Belt via 10 stages, each stage or level is displayed by a different belt colour and sub-stages of each coloured belt by stripes. It is said “The thousand mile journey begins with a single step” the journey to your blackbelt will take you 10 small steps or belt levels

Taekwondo Centrals “Blackbelt Programs” cover blocking, striking, kicking, takedowns, chokes. joint locks, multiple attacker defence and weapon disarming at higher levels with options to compete in sport taekwondo, martial arts – self defence demonstrations and join our Leadership Club.

With regular training at Taekwondo Central, you will find the following improvements

“Together. Everyone. Achieves. More (T.E.A.M.)”


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