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We are very proud to support this wonderful initiative created by one of our members Kristy Hitchens.

Kristy started a pink belt scholarship to fund one woman in need FREE Taekwondo training for one year.

The idea has gone viral and there are now multiple scholarships on offer! Well done!!!! It’s such a fantastic cause.

If you would like to donate to Kristys pink belt scholarship the link is below


Women Self Defence Workshop – FREE!!

SAT, 24 NOV AT 09:30
South West’s Fight For Change Free Self Defence Class

 Pink Belt Scholarship
What I have experienced from the incredible community of martial artists gathering here is real commitment to helping and supporting others. That’s why I feel certain you’ll embrace this project I have launched with help from Australian Taekwondo to deliver at least one woman (who otherwise couldn’t) the opportunity to realise the incredible mind, body and spirit benefits we know Taekwondo can deliver.
Kristy Hitchens –  The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger

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