Golden Performance by Team Central – A Strong Start To The 2012 Season At The Perth Open With 15 Gold (1st)

The Taekwondo Central competition team had another outstanding performance over the recent Perth Open held 25th March 2012
It was a great competition to start the year and a chance to test our skills on some of the best the state have to offer
With the use of the new electronic chestguards supplid by Dae do and Taekwondo Ohdokwan, and a bigger than usual

Wade Morton, Chloe Wild & Amelia Dale

Aravind Krishnan U & Ben Geisler both won their division

Taekwondo Central Instructors Jasmine Klumpp (19-0) & Jake Klumpp (14-2) & Ajana Plunkett (13 – 0) all stopped their
opponents during the second round of their 3 round matches.

Medal Results

Sparring Gold – Jasmine Klumpp, Jake Klumpp, Ajana Plunkett, Sarah Turner, Amelia Dale, Jake Radford, Chloe Wild, Jordan Radford, Lara Tovich, Georgia Tovich, Wade Morton Aravind Krishnan U, Ben Geisler
Sparring Silver – Jake Watson, Luke Smith, Branden Madaffari, Blake Shanahan, Tiger Turner
Sparring Bronze – Ben Combes, Grace Turner, Hamish Cowley, Jacob Franklin, Nicholas Wilson, Fraser Cowley

Patterns Gold – Georgia Tovich, Christopher Guy (Uncontested)
Pattern Silver – Chloe Wild, Lara Tovich, Dillan Amonini
Pattern Bronze – Amelia Dale, Maeve McNulty, Ben Combes, Ajana Plunkett, Tara Smith

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  1. Carol Robinson says

    Good morning just saw the above photo I am a freind of Aravind’s and I would like to say how proud of him I am he has done well in such a short time once again WELL DONE ARAVIND

  2. Taryn Franklin says

    Great to see how many medals were won!
    Everyone did a fantastic job and it was great to see the littlies taking part in their first competition!!!
    They all did really well and i was so proud of Jacob.
    Thanks for a great day
    Taryn Franklin.

  3. Rajesh Thampi says

    Hey Aravind,
    Way to go man. solid.

  4. chloe wild says

    great day ,!!!!! congratlations to all that competed, from the wild family… 🙂

  5. Well done team, great day.
    Thx to Justin, Mel, Jassy, Jake, Brandon, Ajana, Brad and all the families that helped and supported our team. The day ran smoothly with your help.
    110% effort everyone well done. Regards the Smith Family

  6. Hamish Cowley says

    Hi everyone

    We all had a great day thanks for all of your help Justin, Mel and all of the members from TKD central Bunbury.
    Congratlations to everyone who competed in the perth open on sunday.
    well done everyone

    From: the Cowley family!!!

  7. Rachael Wilson says

    Congratulations to everyone who not only came away with a medal, but those that competed. It was a fantastic day and effort from everyone. Justin, Mel, Jasmine and Jake you did a fantastic effort training everyone, thank you so much. Nicholas had so much fun!!!

    Well done TKD Central

    From the Wilson Family

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