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“Its not what you do for your children,
Its what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”

Children leaving home can be one of the most exciting and terrifying things to happen as a parent, but it can’t be avoided!
But the whole process of nurturing, caring and teaching them was for this moment, to give them the tools and confidence to go out and make their own life.

Grad-Shield Leaver

Let us help ease some of your worries and set them on a path to success with some valuable skills that could help keep them safe!

EMPOWER them with knowledge. What to look for, what to avoid.
PROTECT them from danger by giving them the skills to escape.
STRENGTHEN them to confidently and efficiently defend themselves.

All sessions are booked privately and are run on a 2 person basis. Bring a friend or take a class together. Each session runs for 1 hour.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact Kelly 0422 332 403

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  1. Leanne Hobbs- Turner says

    My daughter and her friend had a private Grad-Shield class before setting of together for a Gap year travelling around Australia together and then solo to overseas destinations. They both learnt so much and it gave them great confidence and awareness about personal security. As a parent this experience has provided me with a greater peace in letting my daughter spread her wings. I absolutely recommend this program.

  2. Taleah McCagh says

    Earlier this year I spent 3 months travelling through Europe with friends and solo as part of my gap year.

    Before my trip I undertook a class of Grad-shield and not only was it fun and completely affordable but it was highly beneficial towards my trip, giving me the confidence I needed for my first overseas trip.

    I was taught several different types of self defence in several different situations along with how to be confident when a problem arises.

    Unfortunately while overseas, a problem did arise between myself and three men while I was walking home and fortunately, Grad-shield helped me to escape this situation.

    Grad shield is definitely worth it. It can seriously save your life.

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