South West Multicultural Festival Demonstration – Saturday 27th Feb – Members Needed

Jac Austin does a Turning Kick - (2)


2016 Multi Cultural Day is scheduled for 27th February and we have been asked to do a demonstration.

Its a great event and we would love all under 8’s to get involved in this fun side of martial arts. We will be having some training sessions to pick a team and we would love for members to come have some fun with us.

South West Multicultural Festival Demonstration

Demo Training

Friday SWSC 4.30 to 6.30

Graham Bricknell Memorial Music Shell – Bunbury
Saturday 5th July
10.40 – 11.20
Pre Practise at 9.30

Ben Buxton, Justin Warren, Climbing Armbar self defence -


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  1. Rebecca Collis says

    Many thanks to Justin, Ajana, the students and the parents for a fun and successful demo today 🙂

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