Little Spartans Sparring Program (Under 9’s)

Recommended For Ages = 6 – 9yrs / suitable for boys & girls
GOAL = To Help All Members Achieve Their Own Sport Taekwondo Goals

“If You Expect Nothing But The Best, You’ll Often Get it”

Taekwondo Central’s Sparring Gold Medal Program is focused on training you to be your best. Backed by a Sparring System that to date in 2010 has trained:

8 International Gold Medallists
80 Australian Champions
201 WA State Champions

Our Little Spartans Sparring Program is specialised to our junior boy & girl competitors under 8 yrs in an easy to understand system. With all training body contact only (Kicking & Punching). All kids are very well protected which gives them a chance to get out and have a go at their newfound skill

Through a series of different level competitions from novice to International level, and everything in between. Students progress through the sparring circuit that eventually lead to State Championship Opportunities that lead to Australian Taekwondo Championships and A, B & C Class International Level with the peak for the sport being the Summer Olympic Games as they get older

Taekwondo Centrals Little Spartans Sparring Programwill take you through the Sport of Taekwondo step by step. Our Sparring Classes draw from members at each of our little training areas including Bunbury, Busselton, Dalyellup, Eaton & Australind Taekwondo & Advanced Little Dragons (Super Dragons). Members then have a variety of size and ability to practise their skills against in a safe, encouraging environment. Sparring is a great confidence booster once they find they can use their skills) Little Spartans will also be invited to train at the Sparring Gold Medal Programto help their progress and challenge them further

Safety is at the foremost of our mind in our Little Spartans Sparring Program. Though our injury rate is very low as our members are trained well, the club supplies to basic equipment to get started. Mouthguards are compulsory (Supplied By Member) and most who take to the sport do usually get their own equipment. Taekwondo sparring is full contact.

During Combat, full protective gear is compulsory including Head Guard, Mouthguard, Chest Guard, Arm Protectors, Shin Protectors, Groin Protectors, Protective Gloves and Foot Guards that must be World Taekwondo Federation Approved (Taekwondo’s World Body)

Taekwondo is already a current Olympic Sport with its first birth at the Sydney Australia 2000 Olympics after being a demonstration sport since Seoul, Korea 1988 Olympics and is said to be on the list for inclusion at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Taekwondo already has an active Commonwealth Championships

Training with us will allow a “Distraction” from the daily grind, with physically & mentally stimulating exercises that keep you feeling more alert and feeling great . To be a member of our Sparring Gold Medal Program, you must be at least Yellow Dragon in our Little Dragons Program so you have an understanding of basics.

“The Greater The Opponent You Overcome, The Greater The Glory”

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