Poomse Gold Medal Program

Recommended For Ages = 6 yrs +
GOAL = To Help All Members Achieve Their Own Sport Taekwondo Goals

“Refinement makes the difference”

Taekwondo Central’s Poomsae Gold Medal Program is focused on training you to be your best backed by a Poomsae System that to date in 2010 has significantly contributed to our medal tally:

8 International Gold Medallists
80 Australian Champions
201 WA State Champions

Poomsae (Forms or Patterns) is a solo form of training that involves displaying a pre-arranged series of movements displayed in front of a panel. Each level belt you earn has a core pattern needed to pass. Poomsae is the core base behind Taekwondo moves and is a way to display the technical refinement of those traditional Taekwondo moves. It is Taekwondo’s Traditional  Sport

Competitors from our Poomsae Gold Medal Program are marked on many areas including correct technique, power, balance, rhythm & timing and need only concentrate on one’s own perfection of technique rather than reaction and anticipation of an opponent’s moves

Through a series of different level competitions from novice to international level and everything in between. Students progress through the sparring circuit that eventually lead to State Championship Opportunities that lead to Australian Taekwondo Championships and A, B & C Class International Level with the peak for the traditional sport being the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships

Taekwondo Centrals Poomsae Gold Medal Program will take you through the Sport of Traditional Taekwondo step by step. Our Poomsae Class draw from members at each of our training areas including Bunbury, Busselton, Dalyellup, Eaton & Australind. Members then have a variety of size and ability to practise their skills with and share ideas.

We have our members that prefer to specialize in this area of Taekwondo which now offer opportunities as high as its own world championship. We also find students who don’t like the “Contact Element” of sparring, shine in this style of competition. We find that members more inclined to Senior Blackbelt Program “Lesser Impact Training” tend to choose the Poomsae Gold Medal Program as their form of competition

“The Greater The Challenge You Overcome, The Greater The Glory”

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