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Mcdonalds_logo domain for sale

Anti business views are spread throughout webpages all over the world. Especially big business. Some comments can be very damaging to business and can expose inner workings which include anything from low quality foods, products, poor taste advertising to low prices given to related workers or farmers.

The next step in the war is Anti-Business webpages designed by disgruntled customers or opposition business have been known to use similar tactics to de-stable competition. Domain registration has changed considerably since I purchased my webpage. Now a webpage such as .financial . academy and the most damaging .sucks

Blocking these new aggressive webpages can also be very crucial to today’s business with such easy access to webpages and with SEO getting it placed just under the business on Google search engines and once purchased, they’re gone and you have an on going problem

Australian Television presenter and finance nerd David Koch stated on Sunrise 15th May that he had purchased as a block to stop others bad mouthing him as a public figure, its a great idea because people can dislike you for the smallest of mistakes.

Business Reputation is of utmost importance, having an Anti-business webpage well placed just under the actual business webpage will draw attention and loose customers can be very damaging even to the point of loss of profit or eventual closure. The perfect online plan and platform to get your point across

I was one of those disgruntled customers. Mcdonalds has upset me at different times and I thought to myself “I wonder how many others feel like I do” so I had the master plan of  free speech webpages to help the people voice their opinion so I purchased some of these pages

Since then my opinion has changed, I have calmed down and have no time to run such a information webpage, maybe you do or you want to block someone else

An advisory panel made up of industry groups and companies like Microsoft, Verizon and eBay complained last month about .sucks websites, perhaps they missed their name

So far, purchased names include,,,,, and other major brand names.

Remember the porn site Taylor swift perchased to protect herself? the domain name is taylorswift,sucks

So Im left with some webpage domains I want to sell

If you would like to purchase one or any of these webpage domain names please email me on

Im open to any offers from any individual or business. Any dealing will be kept private. I will auction them on ebay should I not get a high enough price. Im only interested in email contact and keep the transaction as easy as possible

Ill consider any proper offers. Email bidding will stop on October 1st 2015



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