Mother & Daughter (Maaike & Indi) Both Pass Black Belt Together

Maaike & Indi - Mother & Daughter Black Belts-

Maaike & Indi are the latest addition to the Taekwondo Central Black Belt family after the two passed their grading in front of the Taekwondo Ohdokwan Grading panel that included 8th Dan Grandmaster Ross Hartnett. 7th Dan Blackbelt Carmela Hartnett & 5th Dan Blackbelt Master Justin Warren & 4th Dan Blackbelt Mrs Melissa Warren

Maaike & Indi’s skills were tested through a series of sections that included Traditional Patterns (Poomae), Kicking Techniques, 1 Step Sparring, 2 Step Sparring, Self Defence, Olympic Style Sparring, Freestyle Sparring & Board Breaking.
It was a tough challenge that ended with Maaike & Indi both earning their 1st Dan Blackbelts. Maaike made the transition to Taekwondo after attending Taekwondo Centrals Counterstrike Womens Self Defence Course. Indi started as a Little Dragon and has worked her way through the whole Little Dragon, Super Dragons & Taekwondo System to earn their valued Black Belt both training under Master Justin Warren

“Both are well deserved black belts. their discipline, effort and attitude towards training are second to none. The 2 new blackbelt really represent the high standard we expect from our blackbelts and did themselves and us proud”, said Master Justin Warren. “They have both been a pleasure to instruct”

To earn your blackelt is a minimum 4 year commitment, its a big thing. however a Mother and Daughter doing the same grading & passing is amazing and will be a cherished memory for life.

Congratulations to you both

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