Price Correction

Price Correction

For every business it’s a fine balance between income and outgoings, with so many of our costs going up, we are now in the position where we have to make a price correction to restore the balance and keep running our martial arts schools. .

Our last price rise some 5 years back only affected Dragons, this time all classes will be adjusted, however Dragons classes will be a smaller rise. The following changes will be made.

Breaking it down, Dragons classes will pay on average 50c extra a class.
Taekwondo Students equate to $2 extra per class. We have tried to keep it as small as possible.

Term Fee Corrections (10 Week Term)

Little Dragonflies, Little Dragons, Super Dragons  = $125 (Previously $120)
Taekwondo Silver Pass = $170 (Previously $150)
Taekwondo Gold Pass = $340 (Previously $300)
Weekend Classes = $17 (Sunday Classes)

SAVE $ – Get Last Terms Prices On This & Next Terms Training.

On this terms booking card you will get an option of paying 2 Terms,
Should you decide to do this, we will give you LAST TERMS PRICES FOR BOTH TERMS!!
You’ll save $80 on a gold pass and save $40 overall on a silver pass.

Experience Books
Tracking Term payment is a time consuming job that drags us away from doing our service. With myself still having to go through accounts we are going to use experience books to help us and our students monitor this from this term forward..
Experience books will only be given out once the term booking card is filled out and payment is confirmed in our account.
Your Experience Book is your TKD Central passport so don’t lose it. You cant grade without it.
This Terms Important Dates are already set and can be found at our webpage
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