Red Belt Weapons Seminar – Learning Essential Self Protection – Great Photos

Maaike Van der zon disarms and takes the knife

The Red Belts Weapons Seminar unleashed some amazing skills and give all of our red belts a test on their reaction skills

Its a scary thought having opponents randomly grab, hit with a club or attack with a knife from any direction
This is the test our red belts are faced with to pass their belt as reaction speed in applying a technique is essential
to proper effective self defence.

The 3 hour seminar covered all the basics of stopping a club or knife attack, but also stripping the knife or club from
the attackers hands and totally disarm them. All who did the seminar did an amazing  job and passed with great ease
It was great to see them all work so hard at their skills.

Dillan Amonini does a great hip throw

Wade Morton Practises Self Defence with Indi Brown

Lauren Bolland practises with Maaike Van der zon

Sophia Tate Disarms a knife


Maaike takes down and disarms Jake during the random knife defence

Dillan Amonini disarms Jake Klumpp during the seminar

Indi Brown disarms a stick attack

Wade Morton Does a peel release disarm on Jake

Indi Brown with a great disarm

Sophia Tate Wraps Up Lauren Bollard

Happy Red Belts All Passing the seminar


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