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Save 25%   
On Next Years Membership / Insurance
Save 10%-14%    On Mandatory Training Gear for the new syllabus.
Save 20%    On A Term with the January Summer Holiday Program

PDF Document links at the end of each section make our forms printable.

IDEA – Mandatory Equipment is something we will need to have to improve safety and better our training.
Buying the mandatory hand target (for example), as part of a holiday or Xmas present
will actually save you money, ticking off 2 boxes with the one buy therefor saving you money.



Save 25%

Earlybird Discounted 2024 Membership / Insurance


Get your Membership Form & Payment sorted by 14th December.
You’ll Save 25% on next year’s fee.

This is mandatory to ensure all our students, instructors & club are covered by insurance.
So why not take advantage of this offer?
At $90 you will save $30 off next year’s price ($120)


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Save 10%-14%

On Mandatory Training / Safety Equipment for 2024

Next year is a Paradym shift for our martial arts school. Our syllabus will make some changes

Sparring Safety Equipment will be needed from now on.
This includes all belts from Little Dragons to Black Belts
Safety in martial arts is a major priority for us.
All students will need the following.
– Taekwondo Shin Guards
– Taekwondo Arm Guards
– Taekwondo Gloves
– Mouthguard
– Taekwondo Groin Protector (Males)

Training Equipment
We are a mobile club and in doing so our instructors’ cars will be loaded up with some extra training gear next year.
We are now needing each student to buy a Hand Target (Focus Pad). Each student will be responsible for their target and will need it to give to their training partner so it can punched and kicked by its owner

Training Weapon Defence will now be part of class training so due to an increase in weapon assaults in WA. Students will need to purchase one each of these from Blue Belt level upward.
– Training Padded Combat Stick
– Training Plastic Combat Knife

Black V-Neck Doboks
These will now be available to Red Belts. The life of a basic uniform is about 3 years.
So, most students are looking at replacing a uniform at Red Belt.
Then to go for Black Belt, A black belt uniform will be required.
We are bringing this forward to save a longer-term student having to buy a second basic uniform (on average)


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Save 20%

On Term Fees by Doing Our January Summer Holiday Program


The SHP2024 has many advantages to it and it’s a great idea if you’re not travelling away during the January School Holidays. Why you ask?

A Grading Opportunity.
At the end of January, you will get a chance to grade for your next belt level, An express grading cycle

A Grading Cycle
Our Term is also a grading cycle. A grading cycle is usually 3 months of 2x per week training.
We’re adding 1/2 an hour onto the Taekwondo class in our Summer Holiday Program and we will shorten the cycle to one month. Thats just 1/3rd the time!

20% Cheaper Term Fee.
You’ll save 20% on a grading cycle fee. Plus move a step closer to your goal of Blackbelt at the same time

20% Discount On A Grading Term
A 1-Month Grading Cycle (Not 3)
Move Up The Belt Rank Faster


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