6 Week Taekwondo Basics For Women Class

Eaton Recreation Centre * Thursday Nights * 7.00 – 8.00pm, Starts 21st October

A 6 week course on the Basics of Taekwondo will starting in Eaton on  21st October until the 25th November at the Eaton Recreation Centre (Thursday Nights) for any women who wish to try out the martial art

The class is for women of any fitness level, even if you don’t exercise, we can help you get the most from Taekwondo. Classes will cover blocks, punches, kicks, joint locks. It’s a great chance to try Taekwondo for yourself and follows with an opportunity to join up at discount rates

Blackbelt Taekwondo Central Instructors, Justin Warren, Melissa Warren & Lorelle Klumpp will safely guide you through the finer points of developing self defence & martial arts skills and enjoying the many benefits our martial art can bring you and your life.

At only $30 (That’s half price) and you can book a spot through:

South West Women’s Health & Information Centre (SWWHIC)
Phone: 97913350

Due to limited training space, book now.
We can only allow a limited amount of women

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