World’s Best Scamming Bitcoin Debit Card – Scam Alert!!!! Protect Your Bitcoins. Here Is My Experience With Them

Far From World’s best Bitcoin Debit Card:
RAXcard Bitcoin debit card can be used to withdraw cash from ATM as well as for purchase at shops, websites, service stations, restaurants and other places.
Problem is, They dont provide the service they say and Im making my mission to warn other Bitcoin users of how shonky really are.

I simply was after a card I could spend my bitcoins through as a result of some mining rigs I have running. As many of you are aware the costs of withdrawing your BTC into an account can cost up to 20% of the amount you wish to deposit.

After reading the Raxcard website and thinking, ahh I’ve found my solution, I continued to fill out there Sign up page and commit to this (What looked to be reliable) website based in Singapore. However the form didnt function properly so I sent an email to their contact address

The person who responded sent me an email asking my details and give me a bitcoin address ( 1DPFEhrR1TXL4NXo6fryZoxAmFG4J4oA7b )
After a few more email exchanges, this address 1DPFEhrR1TXL4NXo6fryZoxAmFG4J4oA7b was emailed to me 3 times, including in a fancy image
with the Raxcard logo etc that looked very professional and made it seam legitimate.

October 9, 2013
Order Form.
Thanks By Admin

After sending my details and paying the correct amount in BTC, I was shocked athe response I got. The representative emailed my explaining
that he sent me the wrong BTC address and as they hadent recieved any money, they couldnt provide the service.

So because of their wrong information they give me I have now lost approx 0.41 BTC (Approx $200 at todays price)
All I recieved ws an expensive sorry.

I have copied al of their email responces word for word – Click Here to read

As anyone would be, I was not happy. This was their responsibility, because of their lack of attention to detail, Im out of pocket.
3 times they give me their number, and now they wont take any action to make it right, to correct the wrong they did

All I simply want is my .41 BTC back, nothing more, nothing less

Well Raxcard? there are honest people around who arent going to lay down and let you and others like you steal our hard earned $$$$
and Im fed up with scammers doing this to me, so enough is enough. I WANT MY REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!

My BTC Address is

You owe me
0.41017882       BTC

If I do not get this back into my BTC account then I will continually warn to make sure you never rip another person off again

There is a comment section below open to anyone who wishes to comment on my actions
or what you think, plus to any that have had simular experiences and have had enough
please send your comments.


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