The Taekwondo Central Spinner Contest – Win $100 – Term 1 Competition – Closes Thursday 12th April

Taekwondo Central Spinner Spinning Black 1


Lets have some fun in term 1 – we’re giving away
$100 to our best “Spinner”

The Taekwondo Central Spinner Contest is simple to enter and we will give you $100 if you are our Spinner Winner
How To Win $100 – Who ever can spin their Taekwondo Central Spinner the longest.

Taekwondo Central Spinner Blue

1Entry – No form required, just simply buy a Taekwondo Central Spinner and your able to have a go
1 nomination per spinner, They’re $7 each or $25 for the 4 set (Number Permitting)
We Have the Taekwondo Belt Colours – Yellow – Blue – Red – Black

2Put Your Name On The Spinner Purchase List At The Attendance Book So Your In The Competition

3Get Your Phone or Camera – We need movie footage proof

4Place your spinner on the table – Must be logo up
Place finger or thumb over logo and press to table or surface

5Spin the logo with your free hand. Your get one spin. Film the length of the spin for proof and keep it
Time is from the moment no hands touch the spinner – to total stop.

Taekwondo Central Spinner Red

6 – Use Comment box below and please just put

Full Name (Your name must be on our list)
Spin Time ( You must have video footage – We will request this later as proof before you can collect your prize)

We will then put you on our leaderboard and If you record a better time – Update it below in the comment box.

Best Of Luck – You May Win $100Nominations Close 12th April 2018

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Coya Brown – 2.43
The Unbelievables
– 2.38
Justin Warren – 1.52


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  1. Justin Warren

  2. Melanie Buhlmann says

    Team ‘Unbelievables’


  3. Here is a tip to make your spinner spin longer wash the bearing with dishwashing liquid and let dry properly. Just ease the centre piece out carefully with a butter knife, you DON’T have to remove the bearing. When they are made they are “slightly” lubed which WILL slow it down slightly. There are lots of helpful hints on the internet.
    If you try.., you should be able to beat our score, good luck.

  4. Coya Brown says

    Coya Brown

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