Unlimited Classes / Our New Approach


Being a mobile martial arts club, we can run into some problems. Changing to a term fee from a pay as you train also has required some adjustments to keep it good value for our members.
Were still finding our way and slowly coming up with solutions. continually updating and moving forward.

Something we wish to find a solution.
for is cancelled classes for either
– Public Holidays
– Room Unavailability
– Instructor Illness / Unavailability

I understand this can drop the value of a term pass due to less training sessions per term so we wish to rectify this.

So, I have decided to make a change to our policy which will help offer an answer.
The balance between making enough to cover costs and
adding as much value is a challenge for any business.
However, adding more value to our students is something we can achieve.

Students can now train as many times as they wish per week in any of our Taekwondo Central mainstream classes Monday to Thursday.
These must be age appropriate. (ie. Dragons must stick to Dragon classes) This will cost no extra.

Meaning a person who trains 4 time per week can get extreme value.
A Dragon can cost the equivalent of just over $3.10 per class.
A Taekwondo Student as low as $4.25 per class.
You can now lift your level without paying anymore.
Spend more time perfecting your grading techniques,
thus, achieving a high personal level.

Switch and change as you need, if a class is cancelled,
there will be ample opportunity to train at another venue if needed.

Term Passes will still have you nominate your grading period.
This will continue to be the same. You can nominate your choice of
either grading every term (Gold Term Pass)
or every second term (Silver Term Pass)
Your fee will be based off your grading term not per class as before
this will enable students to put in extra time without extra cost.

We hope you all enjoy this change of policy.
Heres our timetable
Class Timetable (tkdcentral.com)

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