Why We Love Dr Rob from The Happiness Centre (Australind Veterinary Hospital).

The Happiness Centre (Australind Veterinary Hospital._website


Why We Love Dr Rob & His Team?

The Happiness Centre (Australind Veterinary Hospital) saved my Dog Jolly.

With ongoing breast cancer my poor little Jolly girl has had to undergo a full mastectomy and had various cancers removed of her head. Dr Rob and his team have done an amazing  job and prolonged my time with my little dog. Dr Rob helps so many people and is continually involved in community engagements and volunteering his time. (The very little he has)


I will always be gratefull for what Dr Rob has done for me so If you love your family pet, visit Dr Rob Hill and his Team. I just cant thank him enough. I would also like to mention how great the friendly staff had made me feel each time I visit

The Happiness Centre (Australind Veterinary Hospital._website


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  1. Rebecca Collis says

    So so nice to read 🙂
    Big thanks to Rob, such a great man 🙂

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