Womens & Girls Taekwondo Classes Start At Taekwondo Central

Dont want “Boy Bugs”? Slugs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tales?
Well, Taekwondo Central is now opening Female only classes

We have just started a Womens Only Taekwondo Day Class on
Thursdays from 10.00 – 11.00am
for any Womens who want to gain the amazing health and confidence that only Taekwondo Central can give. Forget the big, burley, sweaty men and come and get a glow with us and other women just like yourself.

For our young girls aged 4 – 8 yrs we now have opened a Little Dragonettes to help them enjoy their own Martial Arts Training, your daughter will be taught all the skills they need to increase discipline, condfidence
and self defence skills against abduction attempts, child predators & bullies. Come on down and get involved in these latest classes at our Bunbury Headquarters



Counterstrike – 6 Week Women’s Self Defence Course


Learn the basics of self protection. These are the skills all women should know.
The COUNTERSTRIKE Women’s Self Defence Course has been the South West Premier Self Defence Course For Women, Running Over 10 Years and some 5 through the  South West Women’s Health & Information Centre (SWHIC)

Counterstrike has trained 100’s of women the finer points of real self defence & assault prevention .

This Course includes
grab escapes,
confrontational skills,
using your bodies natural defence mechanisms,
escaping abduction attempts,
home & property self defence tricks.
body language skills

Our Next 6 Week Course

Date     – Starts 16th March

Day      – Wednesday
Time    – 1pm to 2pm
Venue  – Eaton Recreation Centre
Phone  – 97913350 to book your place now

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