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The Paragon Program 2018 / Term 2


 Bunbury Starts Friday 4th May 2018 – 22nd June 2018 (8 Lessons)
Australind Starts Sunday 6th May 2018 – 24th June 2018 (8 Lessons)

Bunbury Paragon Program Grading22nd June 2018
Australind Paragon Program Grading24th June 2018

A Guaranteed More Exclusive Martial Arts Training Experience
The Paragon Program is for the students or parents who want a more personalised,
exclusive training experience of a great instructor student ratio under a Head Instructor Black Belt (Min 10 Years Experience)
Guaranteed limited class numbers further ensure a higher level in martial arts skills.
The Paragon Program is only for current Taekwondo Central Members for at least 2 Terms (6 Months)

The Paragon Program is a semi-private lesson helping students sharpen their self defence skills, accelerate
physical capability and speed up learning of our clubs skills. Its designed for a higher result

If You Are A Person That …
- Demands A Higher Level From Yourself
- Enjoys Stepping Up To A Greater Level Of Skill
- Aspire To Be Better Than The Average Martial Artist
Then The Paragon Program Is For You

The Paragon Program

Only 6 Members Per Class Allowed
- Bookings Essential


 Paragon Class 1 (Dragons) – Bunbury
= 1.5 Experience Points
South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
3.45pm – 4.20pm.
Little/Super Dragons (5 – 8 years)



Paragon Class 2 (Taekwondo) - Bunbury
= 1.5 Experience Points
South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
4.30pm – 5.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)

Madison Riches
Deegan McDonald
Narelle Pollard
Saphyre Goodall



 Paragon Class 3 (Taekwondo) - Bunbury
= 1.5 Experience Points
South West Sports Centre – Bunbury 
5.30pm – 6.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)
Booked Out – No Places Left

Jy Gamble
Ariana Lloyd
Kian Stapleton
Luke Crane
Kelly Rowe
Michael Collins


Paragon Class 4 (Taekwondo) - Bunbury
= 1.5 Experience Points
South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
6.30pm – 7.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)

Lachlan Tuene
Tahlia Gowland
Christopher Charry
Shonna Charry


Paragon Class 5 (Taekwondo) – Australind
= 1.5 Experience Points
Australind High School Gym - Australind
4.20pm – 5.00pm.
Little/Super Dragons (5 – 8 years)

Coya Brown
Jordan Gangur
Demitrios Demitriadis-Pierce
Melina Dimitriadou-Pierce
Cheyanne Nardone



Paragon Class 6 (Taekwondo) - Australind
= 1.5 Experience Points
Australind High School Gym - Australind
5.00pm – 6.00pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)

Rebecca Collis
Lucas Hitchens
Kelly Rowe
Mel Buhlmann
Rebecca Buhlmann
Gary Veljacich




 - Bookings & Payments Are On A Term Basis (Approx. 8-11 weeks)
- All Instruction By a Black Belt with Min 10 years experience
- Closer Attention To Detail
- Train Alongside Other Focused Students


Ph. 0407470964 (Sms preferred)
Or Use Comment Box Below


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    May I please return to my place at the paragon class 6 (australind 5pm-6pm). Thank you. Looking forward to returning. Kind regards, –Rebecca Collis

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