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The Paragon Program 2019 / Term 3


 Bunbury Starts Friday 26th July 2019 – 20th September 2019 (9 Lessons)
Australind Starts Sunday 28th July 2019 – 22nd September 2019 (9 Lessons)

Bunbury Paragon Program Grading2oth September 2019
Australind Paragon Program Grading22nd September 2019

A Guaranteed More Exclusive Martial Arts Training Experience
The Paragon Program is for the students or parents who want a more personalised,
exclusive training experience of a great instructor student ratio under a Head Instructor Black Belt (Min 10 Years Experience)
Guaranteed limited class numbers further ensure a higher level in martial arts skills.
The Paragon Program is only for current Taekwondo Central Members for at least 2 Terms (6 Months)

The Paragon Program is a semi-private lesson helping students sharpen their self defence skills, accelerate
physical capability and speed up learning of our clubs skills. Its designed for a higher result

My child has been in Paragon for 3 Terms and the difference it’s made is unquestionable. He loves it. He’s stronger, more confident and focused. It’s even improved his focus at school!
The Paragon Program offers a more personalised learning experience. It enables the student to develop their Taekwondo skills in a challenging and fast-paced environment that is tailored to their individual strength’s and needs. The small classes foster a closer relationship between the instructor and student which is an important building block and plays a pivotal role in the student’s overall growth and progress.
I couldn’t be happier with my decision to put him in Paragon.
– Leisa (Mother)

I put my Lucas into Paragon almost two years ago at a time when I felt he was starting to struggle with mastering the more advanced techniques as he progressed through the belt ranks. The closer attention he has received through Paragon since then has seen not only his skills come along in leaps and bounds, but his confidence and therefore enthusiasm for his training generally. He is now well equipped to begin the final stage of preparation for attempting his Black Belt grading at the end of the year. Absolutely worth the investment.
– Kristy (Mother & TKD Student)

I have been in the Paragon Program for two years. I prefer Paragon over regular classes because I get more one-on-one time with the instructor. Since I have been in the program I have seen my flexibility, technique and general skill improve hugely. It has helped me get through two black belt gradings as I have more time with Justin to refine everything. I am thoroughly enjoying the Paragon Program and will definitely continue throughout the year.
-Tahlia (Black Belt & Paragon Student))

The freedom to go to any or all classes and have the opportunity to have multiple weekly training partners on top of the semi private (paragon) classes on the Friday is priceless
– Meredith (Mother)

Taking Paragon classes has really lifted my confidence and technique. Having a smaller class means I can get more intense and personalised training. I can fine tune parts of my technique which can be overlooked in a large group simply due to the class numbers.
– Michael (Paragon Student)

For me, Speaking from the perspective of an adult participant, the main reasons for my preference of paragon classes is the lack of distraction (my personality suits small group rather than large class environments), the focus on skill in delivery and attention to detail, with an approach that emphasises fun game-play and flexibility over ticking boxes. That’s what I enjoy most.
It’s the opportunity to know what you are doing, not just getting an idea of what you’re doing. 
-Rebecca (Paragon Student)

If You Are A Person That …
– Demands A Higher Level From Yourself
– Enjoys Stepping Up To A Greater Level Of Skill
– Aspire To Be Better Than The Average Martial Artist
Then The Paragon Program Is For You

The Paragon Program

Only 6 Members Per Class Allowed
– Bookings Essential

GreenIndicates A Confirmed Returning
Black – Unconfirmed Returning


 Paragon Class 1 (Dragons) – Bunbury

South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
3.45pm – 4.20pm.
Little/Super Dragons (5 – 8 years)


Paragon Class 2 (Taekwondo) – Bunbury

South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
4.30pm – 5.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)
Booked Out

Madison Riches
Deegan McDonald
Saphyre Goodall
Kyah Goodall
Amandine Spottiswood
Aleisha Mackay


 Paragon Class 3 (Taekwondo) – Bunbury

South West Sports Centre – Bunbury 
5.30pm – 6.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)
(Ideal For Cho Dan Bo – Black Belt)
1 Place Available

Jy Gamble
Dylan Scott

Luke Crane
Aleysha Waters
Kian Stapelton


Paragon Class 4 (Taekwondo) – Bunbury

South West Sports Centre – Bunbury
6.30pm – 7.30pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)
Booked Out

Lachlan Tuene
Tahlia Gowland
Christopher Charry
Shonna Charry

Lyn Behrens
Deanna Gowland


Paragon Class 5 (Taekwondo) – Eaton

Eaton Softball Pavilion – Eaton
4.00pm – 5.00pm.
Taekwondo (Mixed Age. 9 years – Adult)
2 Places Remain

Coya Brown
Jordan Gangur
Annika Best
Harry Nortier




Paragon Class 6 (Taekwondo) – Eaton

Eaton Softball Pavillion – Eaton
5.00pm – 6.00pm.
Taekwondo  (Mixed Age.   9 years – Adult)
Booked Out

Rebecca Collis
Trinity Best
Mel Buhlmann
Rebecca Buhlmann
Nohea Liedermoy
Kai Liedermoy


 – Bookings & Payments Are On A Term Basis (Approx. 8-11 weeks)
– All Instruction By a Black Belt with Min 10 years experience
– Closer Attention To Detail
– Train Alongside Other Focused Students


Ph. 0407470964 (Sms preferred)
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    May I please return to my place at the paragon class 6 (australind 5pm-6pm). Thank you. Looking forward to returning. Kind regards, –Rebecca Collis

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