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I am so excited for the future of my Women’s Only Taekwondo Class. To think we started almost 6 months ago on 6th of June, and we are now coming up to our 2nd grading at the end of this term, the time has just flown by, but I’m loving every minute of it.

I have 4 awesome, motivated ladies who have joined and started their martial arts journey and I couldn’t be more chuffed that they chose me to be their instructor.

And these ladies’ skills, continue to improve and improve.

First Womens Day Class Members Grade 2018 b - www.tkdcentral.com

It’s pretty rewarding to watch.

Starting my own class, that was my own idea and responsibility has been a huge step for me as a martial artist, an instructor and as a role model in the community. Passing on my knowledge and years of training to likeminded women has been so much fun and has been a lot different to my usual classes I instruct.

3 out of 4 of these Women have been apart of our club for years, sitting on the side supporting their children week after week. Deanna and Sarah’s daughters; Tahlia & Trinity are both black belts and Lynn’s Christopher and Shonna both on their Probationary Black belts, it was a huge leap for them to all jump off the side line and finally put their feet on the training floor. If they can, maybe one of you Taekwondo Mums can as well?

For Chelsea, the leap might have been even greater. She had no children in our club, so she didn’t have that way to connect, she hadn’t watched it for years, so she didn’t have much idea what Taekwondo was about, it was something brand spanking new for her. She was my first and only student on day one, and I’m so glad we haven’t lost Chels.

There’s always going to be reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t give it a go, but there’s always going to be MORE reasons why you SHOULD do it!

Take a read of each of my student’s testimonials


Women’s class testimonials:


Deanna Gowland:

“After 6 years of sitting on the sidelines watching my daughter train with TKD Central and pass 2 Black Belt gradings, I had developed a massive respect for the sport.

I began to have a secret burning desire to take it up myself but kept passing it off.

One day I heard Ajana Plunkett was starting Ladies Only day classes. I knew this was my calling.

Leading up to the first class I was so nervous, worried that I was biting off my than I can chew.

But Ajana knows exactly how to ease the new mature student into her classes and is just amazing at it.

Fast forward 5 months I am now a yellow belt and Tkd has become a big part of my life. I am fitter, stronger and happier. I also love the special friendships I have formed with the Ladies I train with.

We are very welcoming to new class members, come join us! You’ll love it!

Thank you, Ajana.”


Sarah Best:

“When Head Instructor Ajana announced that she was going to start a lady only class…I really wanted to support her new endeavour.

I do still have a long way to go on this journey of Taekwondo and the warms up laps are still not my friend! BUT….I can now touch my toes. My ‘shielding stand up’ doesn’t always require a knee on the floor half way through. AND I can sometimes actually breath long enough to take a sip of water after the warm up. So, for all the obstacles I found that I couldn’t do (yet)…. there was so many that I surprisingly found that I could. That feeling of landing a great kick is extremely motivating!”


Chelsea Batten:

“Being a Mum I’ve found we don’t often take the time to do things for ourselves so joining the Women’s Only group was a big leap for me. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else!

The fitness, health benefits, discipline and confidence I have gained is beyond measure & i am now also a very proud member of an amazing group of ladies who I call family”


Lynn Behrens:

“It is the best thing that I have done for myself. I love every session, surrounded by positive people who influence me to be my best while gaining better physical strength and coordination. Ajana is a dedicated and passionate instructor. Her women’s only classes are a great way to get in shape and learn techniques in self-defence all achieved in a caring and supportive environment.”

WE WANT TO MEET MORE LADIES! We are a fun, understanding and friendly group (not to toot our own horns). You wouldn’t meet a nicer bunch!

Come give it a go, the benefits are so rewarding. It doesn’t take long to watch yourself improving; growing stronger and more confident. You may find yourself setting goals like my ladies that include getting to their black belt? Or maybe you want to take time out for yourself to exercise and socialise? Whatever your reason, my woman’s Taekwondo class might just be the thing for you.


Ajana Plunkett demonstrates escaping a choke hold 1 - www.tkdcentral.comAjana Plunkett Demonstrates Escaping A Forearm Strangle At “Fight For Change”

Instructor Ajana Plunkett is a 4th Dan Black Belt In Taekwondo,
and has been involved in the art for 15 years.
She is very passionate about helping others learn the benefits of what Taekwondo can give and is the
Instructor of Women’s Only Taekwondo Classes.
Ajana is the Head Instructor of Taekwondo Central

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  1. Your desire to grow and develop your full
    potential is very obvious Ajana. It’s a real pleasure to watch. I feel very privileged to work alongside you !!!!

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