Ajana Plunkett becomes Taekwondo Centrals Youngest To Achieve 3rd Poom Jnr Blackbelt

Taekwondo Central Junior Dynamite Ajana Plunkett (13) is Taekwondo Centrals first under 14 to receive
her 3rd poom (jnr Black Belt grade)after successfully passing her grade and earning the 3rd highest mark
of some 80 Taekwondo Ohdokwan State members attempting the grading

Graded by a panel of 4th Dan & above senior blackbelt, which included Grandmaster Ross Hartnett (8th Dan Blackbelt),
Master Carmela Hartnett (7th Dan Blackbelt) and Taekwondo Central Head Instructor Master Justin Warren (5th Dan Blackbelt)

The former World Taekwondo Expo Champion (won in Korea), ITCO (International Taekwondo Club Organisation) Gold Medallis,t
past Taekwondo Central Club Champion (Central Cup) winner & Leadership Team member showed an
impressive display of kicking and punching techniques, step sparring, self defence, knife defence, Board Breaking Techniques and Sparring
which included WTF Olympic Style Sparring & Kickboxing style sparring to earn the high level at such a young age

Ajana who has had a break in 2011 from sparring is hoping to enter back into the arena this year as she makes her
way back to competition sparring after resting due to injury

Ajana is a regular helper at many of Taekwondo Centrals classes including Busselton Taekwondo & Eaton Little Dragons
plus helping at Taekwondo Central HQ in Bunbury.

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