2018 November Black Belt Grading Results – 6 New Black Belts – Check Out The Photos

Taekwondo Central 2018 Black Belts After Grading - www.tkdcentral.com

With an earlier Taekwondo Ohdokwan Black Belt grading set for November 3rd due to the Grandmasters busy schedule, Team Central being cut a month of preparation had a sprint to the end.

With 6 members locking in for a final training stint we are very happy to announce that all passed their new black belt level and one earning “Best Grading” Award.

Congratulations to

Trinity Best - Focused During Her 2nd Dan Black Belt Grading 2018 - www.tkdcentral.comTrinity Best Was Very Focused Passing 2nd Dan Black Belt

Trinity Best (2nd Dan Black Belt)
Kian Stapleton (2nd Dan Black Belt)
Kelly Rowe (1st Dan Black Belt)
Luke Crane (1st Dan Black Belt)
Lucas Hitchens (1st Dan Black Belt)
Jy Gamble (1st Dan Black Belt)

Kian Stapleton Is Grabbed For Self Defence - www.tkdcentral.com

Kian Stapleton Hip Throws At His 2nd Dan Grading - www.tkdcentral.comKian Stapleton Hip Throws During His 2nd Dan Grading

Master Justin, Head Instructor Ajana, and Instructor John are all very proud of you and especially your dedication. It was a huge effort

After this grading it meaning Taekwondo Central produced 15 new Black belts for 2018

To top off an already great day. Kelly Rowe won “Best Grading” Award of the approx. 80 members at the grading who come from all over the state.

Kelly Rowe Demonstrates A Hgh Front Kick At Her Black belt Grading - www.tkdcentral.com

Grandmaster Ross Hartnett Gives Kelly Rowe Her Best Black Belt Grading Award - www.tkdcentral.com

Thank you also to the Taekwondo Central Support Crew who came up to celebrate the event with their club members. It was great to see so many familiar faces.

Another great that has happened for the club is 3 of our Assistants have increased level to us pass our clubs skills onto others being

Trinity BestEaton Taekwondo
Luke CraneEaton Dragons / Australind Taekwondo
Kelly RoweAustralind Taekwondo / Martialfit / Paragon Program

Its great to see the next generation of our club so focused in their own pursuit to Martial Arts Mastery

A Big Thank You also to all the people who have sent in Photos for us to get this page done. Thanks Especially to Rebecca Collis & Gary Veljacic who took most of the photos I have put up. Its great to have this event recorded visually

Kelly Rowe & Luke Crane Sparring Opponents During their 1st Dan Black belt grading - www.tkdcentral.comKelly Rowe & Luke Crane Sparring Opponents During Their 1st Dan Grading


Jy Gamble on his way to a successful 1st Dan Black Belt - www.tkdcentral.comJy Gamble During His 1st Dan Black belt Grading

Luke Crane Awaits His Next Bout For Sparring - www.tkdcentral.comLuke Crane Ready For Next Sparring Match

Lucas Hitchens Proudly Holds His 1st Dan Black Belt Certificate - www.tkdcentral.comLucas Hitchens With His 1st Dan Black Belt Certificate

Trinity Best Applies A Forward Leg Scissor Takedown - www.tkdcentral.comTrinity Best Applies Leg Scissor Takedown

Kian Stapletons Determination Can Be Seen On His Way To Passing 2nd Dan Black belt - www.tkdcentral.comKian Stapleton Was Very Focused

Jy Gamble During The Poomsae Section Of His Dan Grading - www.tkdcentral.comJy Gamble Completing His Pattern (Poomsae)

Lucas Hitchens Launches A Tornado Kick During His Black Belt Grading - www.tkdcentral.comLucas Hitchens Leaps Into A Tornado Kick (Jump Reverse Turning Kick)

Luke Crane During The Poomsae Section Of His 1st Dan Black belt Grading - www.tkdcentral.comLuke Crane During His Patterns Examination

Head Instructor Ajana Plunkett Having Fun With Kelly Rowe At The 2018 Nov Black Belt Grading - www.tkdcentral.com

Head Instructor Ajana & Kelly Rowe Having Some Fun At The Grading

Lucas Hitchens Demonstrates A Beautiful Board Break At His 1st Dan Black Belt Grading - www.tkdcentral.com

Lucas Hitchens Smashes His Boards At His Black Belt Grading

Master Justin Warren & Head Instructor Ajana Plunkett Relax With The Taekwondo Central Team - www.tkdcentral.comAll The Group Rally Together To Lighten The Mood

Luke Crane Applies A Side Arm Lock At His Black Belt Grading - www.tkdcentral.comLuke Crane Applies An Arm Lock At The Grading

Kelly Rowe Fully Focused During The Poomsae Section Of Her Black Belt Grading - www.tkdcentral.comKelly Rowe Focus Was Evident As She Completed Her Patterns

Trinity Best locks On A Straight Arm Wrist Lock Kick At Her 2nd Dan Black Belt Grading - www.tkdcentral.comTrinity Best Demonstrates Self Defence Techniques On The Road To 2nd Dan Black Belt

Lucas Hitchens Finishing Up A Soin Kick During His Black Belt Grading 2018 - www.tkdcentral.comLucas Hitchens Throws A Spin Kick During The Kicking

Trinity Best Smashes Her Boards On Her Way To 2nd Dan Black belt - www.tkdcentral.comTrinity Best With An Impressive Board Break At The Grading

Watch Trinity Best Smash All Her Boards On Our Facebook Page – Click Here

Luke Crane Shows His Focus During His Successful Black Belt Grading 2018 - www.tkdcentral.comLuke Crane Demonstrates His Traditional Technique At Grading

Taekwondo Central Students Luke Crane & Kelly Rowe Await Results At Their 2018 Successful Black belt Grdaing - www.tkdcentral.com

Did We Pass? Anxious Students Await The Result – Luke Crane & Kelly Rowe

Jy Gamble Receives His Successful Black belt Result from Grandmaster Ross Hartnett - www.tkdcentral.comJy Gamble Receives His Black belt Off Grandmaster Ross Hartnett

Head Instructor Ajana Plunkett Embraces New Black belt And Best Grading Award Winner Kelly Rowe - www.tkdcentral.comHead Instructor Ajana Plunkett embraces New Black Belt Kelly Rowe

Taekwondo Central Grading Team November 2018 - Kelly Rowe, Trinity Best,The Taekwondo Central 2018 November Grading Squad
Top L-R = Kelly Rowe, Trinity Best, Kian Stapleton, Luke Crane, Master Justin Warren
Front L-R = Jy Gamble, Lucas Hitchens, Head Instructor Ajana Plunkett

Black Belt Grading November 2018

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