5 New Black Belts for Taekwondo Central

Zoe Brown (11), Simon Peirce (30+ Instructor), Chloe Wild (10), Master Justin Warren, Sarah Golding (12) and Ken Tovich (30+)

Congratulations To Our Newest Blackbelts, who recently passed their 1st Dan (over 15 yrs) 1st Poom Under 15yrs – Junior Blackbelt) Blackbelt Grading under the Taekwondo Ohdokwan System headed by Grandmaster Ross Hartnett (8th Dan Blackbelt)
and Master Carmela Hartnett (7th Dan Blackbelt) who were part of the judging panel that included Taekwondo Central Head Instructor Justin Warren

The successful applicant had to display a range of skills that included Kicking Techniques, Traditional Patterns, 1 Step Sparring Counters, 2 Step Counters, Self Defence, Sparring (Sport Taekwondo) Sparring (Freestyle Sparring) & Pine Board Breaking all to a level satisfactory to pass under the Grandmasters eyes.

Simon Peirce is the Dalyellup Taekwondo Instructor and has been passing his well earned skills, he also put time into after school programs held at Maidens Primary school. We are very lucky to have such a talented blackbelt leading our club,

We would also like to put out a big congratulations to Sarah Golding who was one of the highest scorers and deservedly so, Sarahs preparation was very thorough which involved Sparring Class, Patterns Class and the regular Blackbelt Masterclass, it certainly paid off

Well Done Zoe, Simon, Chloe, Sarah & Ken,
Melissa & I are very proud of you all

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