Tahlia Gowland Focused On Martial Art Excellence – A Teenagers Taekwondo Story

Tahlia Gowland as a Black Belt

Tahlia Gowland has been involved in Taekwondo Central for 7 years. The 14 year old is currently a 2nd Dan Black belt and is part of the Paragon Program being one of the students chasing that little bit more from there training.

Personally being Tahlias instructor over this time she has grown from a pint sized chatterbox (Ha Ha) to a an amazing teenager and great example of the effect Taekwondo Central can have on your mind & body regardless of age.

Her progress has been very noticeable with beautiful execution of techniques honed from years of training complimented by a strong focus on her own desire to achieve excellence in this art we all love.

Her happy personality and beautiful smile are always welcome at the club however don’t be misled. This girl kicks very hard and fast, the lure of thinking your safe disappears quickly after the first strike, its clear she practises her craft.

Tahlia has taken the time out to write a little bit about what Taekwondo has done for her and a little on her story. Take a minute out to look at it. Its a great read from someone who has practised Taekwondo for half her life.


Master Justin Warren

Tahlia Gowland with mum Deanna CelebratingTahlia with mum Deanna after passing 1st Dan Black Belt

I’m Tahlia. I’m 14 and joined Taekwondo Central when I was 7. Throughout the years I have been apart of this amazing club, I have passed 17 belts and am currently onto my 2nd Dan Black Belt, grading for my 3rd Dan at the end of 2019. I joined the Paragon Program approximately 3 years ago and it has helped me improve my skills and technique incredibly.

Since I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt, I have participated in and passed two black belt grading’s in Perth.
When the grading for my 1st Dan Black Belt was approaching, I felt almost certain I wasn’t going to pass. I worked so hard for two months leading up to the grading, going to almost every lesson I could.

Tahlia Gowland Black Belt Pic

My week would consist of taekwondo on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. In the final days of preparation, my body ached, all the training had been making a huge impact on my body and the hours after training became extremely painful. However, I kept going (with much encouragement from my mum I might add), and the work paid off. Previously, I had wanted to quit after getting my black belt, but the feeling I had from finally passing was one I knew I would never feel anywhere else. I am so glad I’ve kept going this far and I definitely have no plans the leave anytime soon.

Tahlia Gowland as a Yellow Dragon

Tahlia passes her first Yellow Dragon belt

Taekwondo is a big part of my life and has brought me confidence, discipline and strength. I strongly believe that without taekwondo, I would be a very different person. The Paragon Program helped me improve my skill and technique for both of my black belt grading’s and is still helping me become better today. To be so young and to have achieved such feat is truly an honour.

Everyone at Taekwondo Central are just like family to me. I am extremely grateful for all the extra trainings and time that Master Justin, Head Instructor Ajana and Instructor John put in for me when I needed them. I think the true lesson here is to persevere even when you feel like quitting because hard work always brings a great reward.

Tahlia Gowland Side kick

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  1. Deanna Gowland says

    Thank you to Master Justin such awesome words of acknowledgment & encouragement. You have always believed in Tahlia especially when she struggled to believe in herself.
    Ajana Plunkett and John thanks for continuing to support Tahlia & even when we all could have throttled her when she was preparing for her first dan and kept 2nd guessing herself.
    Every Taekwondo Parent knows and lives the actual the endless hours and efforts that goes into this sport, while the kids/ students make it look so easy.
    Thanks to Tahlia’s Nan Margret Piggott and GrandParents John & Linda Petric for all their support and help over the years. And Alan Gowland her Grandad for being so overly proud.
    And thanks to our Gorgeous Taekwondo family Taekwondo Central!
    Myself and and Glenn Couldn’t be prouder.

  2. Awesome read 🙂
    Congratulations to an amazing young lady. Your mental attitude will take you very far.

  3. Unbelievables says

    Well done Tahlia, we think you (and your mum) are awesome and your story is very encouraging. Thank you for sharing it from Gary, Mel, Becky & Eric

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