Bradley Yates (13) & John Crawford (15) Pass 1st Dan Blackbelt

Bradley Yates (13) & John Crawford (15) Pass Their 1st Dan Taekwondo Blackbelts

Bradley Yates & John Crawford didnt get any easy rides to get their Black Belt, it was hard work and a rigorous examination that included sparring Black Belts to prove they are of the level. All under the watchful eye of a Taekwondo Grandmaster

Graded Under Grandmaster Ross Hartnett (8th Dan) & Master Carmela Hartnett (7th Dan) from Taekwondo Ohdokwan, the 2 Taekwondo Central students achieved all required to earn their Black belts.

Their examination included Poomsae (Taekwondo Forms) Kicking Techniques, One & Two Step Counters, Self Defence, rounds of sparring that included both Olympic Style & Freestyle Sparring. Finishing with smashing pine boards to demonstrate power & technique

Brad and John have been training 4 days per week to pass their grading and it certainly payed off. Well done

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  1. Well Done Brad & John
    Mel & I are all very proud of your effort
    Keep up the great work

    Justin Warren

  2. Well done both of you! We are all very proud of you both, congrats once again for passing black belts. : – )

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