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April 2021

TERM 2 – 2020 Starts

All Classes are rescheduled From
Monday 19th April.
Its Going To Be A Great Term
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Sparring Class

Fridays Starting 23rd April
In Preparation for Term 2 Centralympics
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May 2021

Board Breaking Seminar 

Sunday 2nd May
For Taekwondo Blue, Red & Black Belt
Help get ready for your Black Belt Dan Grading
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Black Belt Dan Grading Qualifying Test

Sunday 2nd May
Time for us to make our final selection on who will represent Taekwondo Central at the
Taekwondo Ohdokwan Black Belt Dan Grading
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Black Belt Dan Grading

Sunday 9th May
Find Out The Details Of The Black Belt Grading
Your Reward For Years Of Commitment
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 Grading Qualification Seminar Series

23rd May
Part 1 of the Term 1 Grading
For Taekwondo & Little / Super Dragons
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June 2021

TERM 2 Grading / Club Belt Examination

Little Dragonflies & Dragons start from 28th June
All Taekwondo Students = Friday 2nd July / Eaton Softball Pavilion
End of Term Grading Details
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July 2021

Lets Spar!! Combat Central. Taekwondo Sparring Training

Central Sparring Button - www.tkdcentral.com

 We were a very competitive force in our past.
With achievements including
Over 250 State Champions
Over 100 Australian Champions
Over 10 International Gold Medallists
So we are going to have a play around with a sparring class

The format will be that of a competition class with full safety gear and we will ease all into it over the weeks.
The eventual goal will be a club sparring day in which we can have a safe play with the now Olympic Sport.
Master Head Instructor Justin Warren has a structured plan to help you lift your level be it for class, black belt preparation or possible future competition


Combat Central

Eaton Softball Pavilion
Fridays – 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Mouthguard, Gloves, Water Bottle, shin guards, arm guards, groin guards (male)
(We will supply chest and head protectors)

All Ages Welcome
From Super Dragon to Taekwondo Practitioner

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Whats Coming Up – Our Club Calendar

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Belt Grading Week Details. Term 2. 2021

To go for your examination and attempt your grading you will need to
qualify and have your skills checked over by one of our team of instructors

Your 2021 Term 2 Grading 

Little Dragonflies, Little Dragons, Super Dragons & Taekwondo White Belts
Grading Examination will begin from Monday 28th June
to Thursday 1st July 2021
At your normal class

Taekwondo Coloured Belts & Black Belt Sub Grades
Friday 2nd July 2021 – Eaton Softball Pavilion


Yellow Belts    If You are Y1, Y2, or Y3   Starts           5.30 pm
Blue Belts       If You are B1, B2, or B3   Starts           6.15 pm
Blue Belts    If You are R1, R2, R3 or CDB  Starts      7.00 pm
Black Belts                      Sub Grading   Starts                7.45 pm

Eaton Softball Pavilion


To Grade You Must Have

1) A Dobok (Taekwondo Uniform), must be V-neck style not karate wrap around style,
must not have other club logo’s, badges or markings, we prefer our Taekwondo Central
or Little Dragons Logo, no coloured pants only white

Doboks can be ordered through us at the attendance book

2) Membership Paid. , form need to be filled out, OK’d and fees honoured.
See the attendance book for Membership Forms

3)  Know Your Grading Naturally make sure you know your grading,
this will help you become successful in passing the level

4) All Class Payments Honoured

5) Fill Out Grading Envelope (If Selected to grade) Fill out the grading slip and enclose
the correct fee in an envelope to hand in.

6) Passed Grading Seminar (Part A of Grading)

7) Taekwondo Central Blue Badge Showing On Right Chest

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